Grace Service: held the first regular meeting of the board of Directors and members of the year 2017-2018

Grace Service: held the first regular meeting of the board of Directors and members of the year 2017-2018

On July 28th, 2017, the first board and membership meetfirstlying of The year 2017-2018 was held iboardn the Youyu Restaurant of Xiangmi Lake Resort. Wu Yuqiong, cheldbackhaifirst怎么读rman of district 6 of Lionsdirector是什么意思英语 Club of Shenzhen for 2017-2018 and foboardingunding leader of Tifirsthanden Service Team, Wang Shuang, chairman of Student Aid Committee, Li Zhou, leader of Tien Service Team and other 20 pedirectorshipople attended the regular meeting. The meeting was chaired by Peng Xing and Hu Xgracefully是什么意思iang.

Captain Li Zhou summarized the activity of visiting veterans of Anti-Japanese War in July, and sfirst nameelected the lion friends who participated in the activity as excellent lion friends in July and presentedgrace翻译 gifts to them. President Wu Yuqiong presented MEDALS and decormembersmark啥牌子ations to the lion fellows who have pledged the Mervyn Chung Award for 2016service是什么意思-2017.

The participants discussed matters related to the inauguration ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual transition of The Service Team, initially determined the time and form of the transition and established the executive committee of the transition. The lion friends had a heated discussimeeting怎么读英语on for 40 minutes about the 2017-2018 key service project of Tien Service Team — Caring for sanitation workers activity, and determined the direction of the activity and the way of fundraising.

Captainmembers翻译 Li Zhou iservice是什么意思中文翻译ntroduced the 2017-2018 work plan of Tien Service Team around the annual activity plan, regular meeting plan, member development plan and financial plan. Announce activities planned for August. The press conference of “Go for Liheld中文fe” childlike Innocence Town on August 9 was carrheldenied out by The Grace Service Team; Mobiheld过去式和过去分词lize lions to attendregular的所有形式 the inaugural ceremony of Shenzhengrace是什么意思 Lions Club.

President Wu yuqiong shared the grand occasion of the 100th Lions Club International convention amembership翻译nd suggested that everyone attend the Southeast Asia Convention to be held in Taiwan this year. Nearly 10 lions club members immediately deregular是什么意思英语cided to attend.

Peng Xing rang the bell and adjourned the meeting. Leo friends join togeservicemantheupheldr to celebrate thmembers翻译eir July birthday and senfirstname填姓还是名d best wishes to Leo friends.

Artiregular是什么意思英语cle/photo Contributed by Grace Servdirector是什么软件ice

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