Fairy Lake Service Team: held the first regular meeting of the year 2020-2021

On July 20, 2020, the first regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Xianhu Service Team for 2service是什么故障灯020-2021 was held in tfairyhe Gteambitionallteamworkery Restaurant of the Scientific Research Building of Tsinghua Information Port, Nanshan Distrfirst翻译成中文ict. Shenzhyear怎么读en lions in the fourth section, kevinbales and eighteenth division President soup Xue Yong wen-qin ye, a special assistant, President of the service captservice是什么意思中文翻译ainfirst name Li Zhou fairy lheldenakelake是什么意思英语, first deputy captain Li Hongmei, second deputy captain chun-gangfairy li, former captain Li Rong, ChanLilake是什么意思英语Yue, wang fang,teams Andrew chan, Tangmeeting是什么意思 Jiaqi, kevinmeeting怎么读英语bales, wen-qin ye, Huang Xiaoru 29 people were present at the meeting. The meteamproeting was chaired by Li Zhou and Li Hongmei.

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Captain Li Zhou reported the recent work of "Love to help students and warm heart to set sail" in Shaoguanlake怎么读, the inaugurationteams手机版 ceremony of the new leadership of Tupheldhe Fairy Lfairy的另一个情侣名ake Service Team in 2020-2021 in Shaoguan and the investigation of poverty alleviation and education in Guangxi.

Awards acknowledge link, Li Zhou captain inauguration offirstname填姓还是名 shaoguan support stregularly意思中文翻译udent activities and the transition of lion friends and love to commend, thanks to shenzhen HuaQing holdings co., LTD and brother sharpwiner lion donated a audivisual classservice是什么故障灯rooms, ying-wei wang lion brothers sponsored small sailing, canoeing, sailing and scmeetingtencentcomuba diving experience project, una zhang, zhu Lin Sha two lions, friends subscription; Thank Li Hongmei, Zhang Xiaoli, Wang Lin and other lion friends for their hard work in preparing for the ceremony; Thank you to the llakersions and their families for atteservice翻译nding the ceremony.

Captain Li Zhouteampro introduced the annual work plan and service project planning. Afterwards, each project leader gave a detailed introduction to the service activities,service是什么故障灯 and the lioyearbookn friends at the meeting opened up their ideas, spoke enthusiastically and offered their ideas and suggestions. After consultation, the service team will carmeetingsry out education assistance activities in Guizhou in mimeetingsd-August, poverty alleviation and education activities in Guangxi in September, and brain health activities in October. Statements were made by the Executive Chairmen of items. Wang Fang, executive chairman of "Brain Health Action", Zheng Jiehui, executive chairman of Guizhou Education Assistance Program, and Li Hongmei, executive chairman of Nongxiang Villagyearninge Primary School, Guangxi Province, introduced the content and significance of the project respectively.

Tang Jiaqi, executive Chairman of caring Project, introduced this year's caring activities, saying that tservice和serve的区别hey would ease the pressure brought by the elakers是什么意思pidemilakesc to lion friends through carfirst翻译ing activities offirst lion friends and lion enterprises. Through the exheldencellent entemeetingrprise visit activities, lion friends learn and progress. Shan Lservicebioiyue, executive chairman of Peacfairy是什么意思e Posters, introduced the theme of tfirst翻译成中文his year's peace posters and said thyearningat they would mobilize tservice翻译heir efforts to set up a working group to promotheld是hold的什么形式e the collection of peace posters. Chan Wai-man,upheld Eregularxecutive Chairman of Community Services, introduced the Programme for the disablakerled at Shek Yan Communitfirst青年电影展y Health Centre.

The prospective membemeetingtencentcomrs of the club intservice是什么故障灯roduced themselves and expressed their respect fservicebioor the good deeds of the lionsregular的所有形式. They were eager to become a member of shfairy是什么意思enzhen Lions Club and walk with the Club on the charity road.

Chairman Zhao Hui explained the annual theme, slogan and badge of the service team, and briefly expheldenlained the ateampronnual work pheldbacklan of the region.

President Tang xueyongfirst青年电影展 gave full recognition to the inaugural ceremony of The Team and encouraged the team members to continue their efforts ayearnd reach new heights.

The meeting ended successfully in a happy and harmoniteamviewerous atmosphere. Captain Li Zhou presented a beautiful gift to the lion friends who attended the regular meeting. "With you allregular什么意思 the way, I love you every day". I believe that under the leadership of Captain Li Zhou, The Fairy Lake Service team will do better and go further on the road of public welfteamviewerare.

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After the meteams会议eting, the lion friends had dinner to celebrate the birthday of the birthday girl of the month.

Article/photo & have spent Contributed by Fairy Lake Service Team

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