High-tech Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On April 26, 2020, the 8th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Tea Family building, 9th feighth是什么意思英语loor, Creativity Building, Nanshan District. Sixteen people attended the meeting, including Lin Tao, formeservicemanr president of Lions Club shenzhen, Dengeighth翻译 Yi, supervisor, Bi Yongtao, mentor, Chen Qunhao, executservice翻译ive chairman of Lions Club Foundatihighlyon Committee oregularlyfeighth是什么意思英语 Shenzheteampron, Ma Huada, leadermeeting怎么读英语 of high-tech Service Team, Wen Yanmei, third vice leaderserviceman Chen Ying, zhang Shengxing, Li Hua, Wang Bo, secretary Lihighlightu Meijiao, etc. The meeting was chaired by Gu Lihua as the chairman of thighesthe conference.



Ateighth英语怎么读 the meeting, Captain Mahuada introduced in deighth什么意思etail the ambulance donation activity of Hubei Hong 'aregular翻译n jointly carriedmeetings out by the service teammeeting的音标s of High-tech ateamprond Shangbu.


Then, supervisor Deng Yi reported the recent activities of the disteamworktrict meeting, and detailed the problems encountered by Huanglong Primary School and Dongtang Primary school in Fengan Town, Zijin County. After discussion, the participants agreed that the high-tech service team would contribute 30,000 yuan to carry out educationteams会议al activities jointly with other service teams.


Later, Gu Lihua and Chen Ying respectivservice翻译ely reported the collection of membership dues of high-tregular反义词ech Service Team in 2020-2021. Thanks to the joint efforts of lion friends, they won the honor of "Outstanding Award of membershipheld的原型 dues Collection" for High-tech Service Team.

Fotech是什么意思rmer President Lin Tao put forward many opinionservice翻译s and suggestions for the construction and sustainable development of high-tech service Team.


After the meeting, everyone celebrated the birthday of Shan Huachteams手机版un and Gu Lihua.

Atechnicianfter nearly three months of isolationteam什么意思, the lion frieservice是什么意思nds were very excited to meet, and they weighth是什么意思英语ere moved to tears from time to time, recalling every bit of service together. This kind of "charity togethmeetingyou是什么意思er, grow old slowly" emotional overflow, movhigh是什么意思ed each other. Be grateful for the hapteampy times we have spent and grown together.


By Liu Meijiao

Photo/Chen Ying, Jia Liuyi

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