Notice on the fund-raising activities of the standardized service team

Service teams:

In order to further standardize the fundraising activities of the Service Club, in aactivities和activity的区别cconotice用法rdance wiraisingth thenoticeable requirements of the relevant laws and regulations, the Domestic Lions Association, the registration administration authority and the competent business units, and in combination with the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association of Shennotice用法zhen Lions Club, the relpraisingevant rfund什么意思equirements are hereby notified as follows:

1. Declare the fund-raisinteam是什么意思翻译gactivities的中文 activities of the service team in advance.If fundraising activitiservice是什么意思中文翻译es such as cserviceharity auction are held at the same time, please fill in the “Approval Form for Fundraising Activities of Lions Club Shenzhen” and submit the fundraising plan to the District Office 8 working days prior to the event (note: The approval form of fundrbraisingaising Activity of Shenzhen Lions Club shall be signed and approved braising是什么意思y the service team leader, and the resolution of the service team leader meeting shall be signed by more than two-notice作文thirds of the members present at the meeting. The adminotice的固定搭配nistrateamviewertive expenses incurred by the service team in carrying out fbraisingundraising activitnotice同义词ies shteamoall not exceed the service expenses collected.

2. Contact thactivities是什么意思e financial department of the district Council in advance to arservice的名词range collection assistance.If fundraising activities such as charity auction are held at the same time, please contact the district council treasstandardized是什么意思urer to help collect money 8 working days before the event.

3. Announce the total amount of fundraising or auction money immediately after the fundrnotice同义词aising activity is over, and the district council treasurer will cactivities怎么读onfirm and sign the book.All fund-raising activities, regardless of the ifundamentalntended usservicee of the money donated to thteamoe shenfundamental翻译zhenfundraising lions overall arrannotice同义词gementactivities音标 is used, or respect for the donor opinnotice的形容词ion orientation for special charity activitiesfundamentally, must be in the first place at the end of the activity immediately announced that the total amount of money or auction, and signed by the physical area will finance confirmed, after putting the fundraising or auction ffundamental翻译ully into shenzhennotice作文 lion sraising翻译ervice fund account.

4. If any fundraising activity in the name of lions Club shenzhen or in cooperation with Lions Club Shenzhen does notservice和serve的区别 enter the service fund account of Lions Club Shenzhen in full, it will be regarded as infringement againservice翻译st Lions club Shenzhen, and Lions Club Shenzhen reserves the right to hold the sponsor and responsible persteamworkon accountable.

Any orgfundsanization or inotice是什么意思ndbraisingividual shall not conduct any fundraising activities in thstandardized是什么意思e name of Shenzhen Lions Club or in the name of cooperation with Shenzhen Lions Club without the approval of Shenzhen Lions Club. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement ofnoticeable Shenzhen Lions Club. Shenzhen Liservice是什么故障灯ons Club reserves the right toserviceable hold thfundamentallye sponsor and the responsible person liable.

Vi. Any fundraising activities without the approbraisingval of Shenzhen Lions Club, thpraisinge service team and individual lion friends shall not provide assistance with any resources of Shenzhen Lions Club,unstandardized otherwise it will be regarded as infrteams手机版ingement of Shenzhen Lions Club, and the club reserves the ractivities怎么读ight to pursue legal liabilities, and all members of the club also hnotice是什么意思ave the rigraisinght to refuse to participate in.

Standardizing fundnoticedraising activities is conducive to the healthy and orderly developstandardized翻译ment of Shenzhen Lions Club and avoiding unnecessary risks. Please standardize fundraising activities accordinfund什么意思g to requirements.


Notice is hereby given.


Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP; &nteamprobsp;

Augusfundamental翻译t 18, 2021

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