High-tech Service Team: held the 11th regular meeting of 2017-2018

High-tech Service Team: held the 11th regular meeting of 2017-2018

On May 20, 2018, the 1regularly1th regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team for 2017-2018 was held in Xin ‘an Yong Lian School in Bao ‘an District. Sixteen people attmeeting是什么中文意思ended the meeting, including Deng Yi, the chief picket officer of The lions Club of Shenzhen f特长or 201high翻译7-2018, Tan Fei, the chairman of the 13th District, Bithough Yongtao, the advisor, Chen Qunhteamsao, the cmeeting怎么读英语aptain of the high-tech service team, wen Yanmei, the first vice captain. Ye Ning, captain of Baibei Service team and Li Zhou, captain of Tien Service team attserviceableended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Qun褪黑素hao.

At the meeting, Chen Qunhao reported yteams手机版unnan Zhenyuan Bright line activities. From April 25 to 28, tservice怎么读he lion friends climbed mountains and mountains, all the way tired, for 100 cases of cataractmeeting翻译 patients free of charge to perform the operation, when the patients see the light, lion friends feel that a few days of fatiguregular什么意思e and running are worth it, all the bitter tired disappeared into thin air. Looking back on this experience, lion friends moved to tears several退婚后大佬她又美又飒 times.

Deng Yi announced the recent service atechnicalctivities plan, ptechnicianroposed to change the original plan of heyuan left-behindteams手机版 children to fujiaregular什么意思n Changting education.technique At the same time, he reported on his return visit to Penghua Village in Sichuheld是hold的什么形式an province, and introduced that 186 households in Pmeetingyou是什么意思enghua village have led a prosperous and healthy life with ttech是什么意思he help of Shiyou.helden

Li Hua annouteamworknced the “bright heart” teaching assistant activities. “Bright heart” teaching assistant activity is jointly carried out by high-tech service team and Shenzhen Family Educatmeetingtencentcomion Research Institute, which provides psychological counseling for teteams会议achers in poor areas and establishes spiritual stations to improve students’ mental health level. The high-tech service team has carried out this activity for two consecutive year桃花源记s, and nearly 400 teachers have received training.

The partthinicipanservice和serve的区别ts discussed andhigh翻译 approved the ne褪黑素w standards for collecting membershiheld是hold的什么形式p duteams手机版es, and required the financial transparency. The financial staff of the service team shoul通货膨胀下什么最保值d announce the use of funds within threetechnician days after the end of the activity. In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the hitechnology翻译gh-tech servheldenice team, the lion friends reviewed their efforts and the contiteampronuous growth of the shighwayervitechnologyce team in the past 1regular5 years. The lion friends discussed to hold the 15th anniversary activities, and the expenses were raised by Chen Qunhao and Wen Yanmei.

After the meetmeeting是什么意思ing, lion friends sent birthday wishes to Chen Qunhao, Wen Yanmei and Wang Hongfei, who had their birthdays in Mayhigh怎么读.

By Chen Ying and Liu Meijiao

Photo/Liu Meijiao, Li Jiawen

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