Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team went to Butuo County to carry out the donation activity for education (source: Version A05 of Liangshan Daily on October 14, 2014)

Shenzhen Lions Club Red Lichee Service Team
Went to Butuo County to carry out donations for education activities

      &nbspbutuo;     Recently, shenzhenreduce Lions Club red Li service team led by Zhang Jian, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, accompanied by Ji Yomujia, deputy directorclubman of state Government Serv李亚鹏ice Center and Huang Yiwei, went deep into the Primary school an六级报名d wadu Township central school in Butuo County to carry out & LDquo; Spring M深圳疫情最新消息ultredmiimedia Classroo问天m & RDservice怎么读QUO; And & other Spring Bud Reading Room & RDquo; Donatiolions翻译中文n aservicebiowarding ceremonservicebioy.clubman是什么牌子车 Butuo county official office, Shi Zhi office, county eduteamocation bureau, teachers and students attended the donation awarding ceremony.

At the ceremony, President Zhlions英语怎么读ang Jian and huclubmed官网预订ang Jinrong and Chen Meihua made a speech respectively, encouraging the students to studyclubmed hard and be positive, and repay the society with excellent results. Student representat两个人的房间ives also expressed their deep gratitude and gratitude to the caring people from Shenzhen thro不脱产是什么意思呢ugh speeches, singing and dancinteamviewerg.

It isredmik40 reported that the S布拖鞋居家henzhen Lions Club hongli servlionsgateice team donated audio-visual equipment and books worth 100,000 yuan and 90,000 yuan respe布拖县人民政府ctively t不脱产是什么意思呢o the Central school ofbutuo Tmudi towlion是什么意思n and the central school oclubmed官网预订f Wadu township.

(Mahaisheng, reporter of Our Newspaper)

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