The selection of the works of the 11th Peace Poster Competition of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014 has been successfully concluded

The selection of the works of the 11th Peace Poster Competition of Lions Club of Shenzpeacebird是什么牌子hen 2014 has been successfully concluded

          November 16, 2014, & LDquo; Peace, love and understanding; — &mcompetitionsdash; The 27th Lions International Peace Poster Contest and 2014 National Children’s World Peace Poster Contest and the 11th Lions Shenzhen 2014 Peace Poclub用英语怎么说ster Contest were held in the North Campus of Liyuan Primary School in Shenposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文zhen.
      &workshop是什么意思啊nbspclub怎么读;   Wu Xiaoming, the last president of 2014-lions2015, Shi Jianyong, the second vice Precompetition与matchrace区别sident, Xiao Xingping and Dai Tongxin, the former presidents, Zecompetition什么意思ng Shiyang, the Secretary Gcompetitionseneral, Yu Qian, the Chiefworkshop是什么意思啊 Financial Officer, Gao Zhou, the Executive Deputy Sworkshop翻译ecretary General, Fang Mansong, the Chworks作品单复数airman of peace Poster Committee, Executive chairman Chen Nengting, Shan Liyue, Mu Zhenying, domestic artists Association, Guangdong Artists Associatiworkspaceon, many art experts and lion friends attendedcompetition的动词 the event.

        The competition was led by the Peace Poster Committee童话故事 oselection什么意思f Lilionsons Club shenzhen. With the participation of various service teams, schools aposter英语nd art institutions of Lions Club Shecompetition和contest区别nzhen, the competition lasted more than four months and received nearly 10,000 works. After a rigorous selection process by thcompetition翻译e Peace Poster Committee, 1,100 entries were shortlisted. 13 experts from art, education, moral education, media and lion friends formed the jury of this competition to selecworks2产品idt the children’s works aged 11 to 13, and finselection什么意思ally selected 1 special pworksrize, 29 first prize, 30 second prize, 40 third prize, 1桃花源记翻译00 winning pripeacebird是什么牌子zes. The work of Huang Yincompetitionhao from Yucai No. 2 Primary School, recommended by Shekou Service Team, won the special prize. This work will repreposter模板sent Lionsclubs Club of Shenzhen in thworkshop是什么意思啊e selection of peace poster works by Lions Club of Chinposter是什么意思a and Lions Club of Interncompetition怎么读英语单词ational. 29 firsclubmedt prize entries will be selected to participate in the national Ppeaceful是什么意思eace poster competitionclub用英语怎么说 by the Nationalthough Lions Association.

&competition英语怎么读nbsp;    poster模板     In addition, this year’s peace Poster Commi深圳大学t童话故事te陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿e alclub翻译so specially for children unselection什么意思der the age of 11 and children over the apeaceful翻译ge of 13, the selectionthough of the younger and older section of the workspeace&love啥意思, and finally selectcompetition英语怎么读ed 20 first prize, 30 second prize, 30 third prize, 40 excellence award.

       With th深圳疫情e strong support of officials at all leposter模板vels and enthusiastic peposter翻译ople from all walks of life,shenzhen Shenzhen Lions Club has participated in the selection of international Peace poster competition since 2004 and achieved great success. Up to this桃花源记翻译 year, nearly 70,000 little painters from Shenzhen competition area深圳地铁线路图 have partilions翻译cipeace是啥意思pated ipostern下载n the competition. The seed of peace haclub怎么读s planted in the hearts of every chi桃花源记翻译ld who participated in the competition. Children also grow up with the idea of peace. Works sele深圳天气cted by Shenzhen Lions Club have won four awards. Global Best Book Award & RDQUO; . “Give Peace a Chance” by Zeng Weicheng from Shenzhen Nanshan Experiment in 2004-2005; 2007-2008: Peace Around the World by Li Jiazhen frworkshop翻译om Shenzhen Nanshan Experiment; “Imagine Pealions翻译ce” by Mai Qianqian, a primary school student from Shenzhen, in the 2competition英语怎么读012-2013 competition. Andworks2产品id “Our World, Our Future” by Lin Yu in the 2013-2014 competiclubman是什么牌子车tion. Bpeaceful是什么意思oth won the Global Awardpeacebird是什么牌子 for Excellence.
        The International Peace Post同花顺er Competition is held by Lions Club international since 1998. It aims to guide cworkstationhildren to sow the seeds of peace in their hearts through painting techniques and posters, and to communicate with children around the wselection和electionorld in painting, so as to constantly innovate and improve their artistic level.
&nb桃花源记翻译sp;       It is reported that tclub是什么酒he award ceremony of the peace poster colions翻译ntest will be held at 2:30 PM on November 30th in Shenzhen Sworkstationhekopeaceminusoneu Seworks翻译a World. Friends from all circlepeacemakers are welcome to participate actively anlions怎么读d witness this grand moment together.

Grand Prize: Rubik’s Cube and The Hand & NBSP;    Hou Xiuting Art Center & NBSP;Wong In-ho, 12

By Wenjie T桃花源记翻译urin

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