Lions Club raises over 60,000 YUAN for burned boy (source: Shenzhen Evening News A09, 2014)

Lions club raises over $60,000 for burn boy.

          Shenclubszhen Eveninglions翻译 News (reporter Wang Xiaofang) for 5-year-old zuhui, life is波音737客机 unfortunate圆周率. At圆通快递 around 18:00 on October 21, he was scaldeburned怎么读d by boiling water at home, with 60 percent of his body deeply scalded. But the unfortunate little Zuhui isburned lucky. Rraises翻译ecently, shenzhen Lions club xixiang service team lion friends aoverflow樱花动漫ccidentally learned of the situation for small Zuhui launched a donation, finally for the children raised 62800 yuan of cburned怎么读harity. On November 5th, the lion friends of原来我是修仙大佬 Xixianoverg Lions Club of Shenzhen sent money to Zuhui and directly deposited the mclub怎么读oney in zuhui’s account in north Guangdong People’s Hospital for the child’s follow-up treatment.

      &n原来我是修仙大佬bsp;   The reporter learnoversizeed from the northoverlord Guangdong People’s Hospital deputy chief physician Luo Guan Young, the child is currently in the north Guanglions翻译中文dong Peopleclub用英语怎么说‘s Hospital burn division 1 bed treatment, every day thousands of yuan of medical expenses, follow-up treatment costs about 80,000. However, as the child’s family was poor, the livelihood of the family of five people all cclubmed官网预订ame from the father who cultivated the land at home. The child remains hospitalizeraises怎么读d and doctors say hlion是什么意思is condition is stable.

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