Shenzhen Lions Club 2014-2015 Junior lecturer training successfully completed

 Shenzhen Lions Club 2014-2015 Junior lecturer training successfully completed
   club用英语怎么说     On Decemblecturerouser 20th, 2014, the fourth juniorsuccessfully造句 lecturer training of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2014-2015 was successfully completed in Silver Lake Di Jia Club. According to the attendance, class performance and homework completion of each student in the four training courses, the instructor group wlions翻译ill evaluate the student, and i深证指数ssue graduatitraining衣服品牌on certificclubmanates to more than 10 qualified stlions怎么读udents.
        In the morning, the fourth lecturerssuccessfully翻译 traclub是什么酒ining officially began, and ma Min, the head of the lecturers group, prepared for us. Interactive Teaching & RDquo; The course enables students to underclubman是什么牌子车stand the importance of lecturer – student interaction in teachclub是什么酒ing. In the afternoon, lu Zhiqiang, chairman of leadership College, lected & LDquo; Training Theory Systemsuccessfully是什么意思英语 & RDQUO; The course allows studenttraining造句简单s to systematically learn the theoretical knowledge of training.
    &ntraining是什么牌子bsp; After that, the stjunior什么意思uden深证指数ts presented their teaching separately, used the knowledge learn深圳市最新疫情ed in the four training sessions, gave a trial lecture of the course, and were evaluated btrainingpeaksy the lecturerclubmans and other students. Compared with the performance osuccessfully怎么读f the previous three training s深圳地铁线路图esslions怎么读ionjunior台湾艺人s, each student’s teaching skiunsuccessfullylls, teaching content, interaction with students and grasp of teaching time in this training have been greatly improjuniorhighschoolved.
      The four-month training course for junior深圳天气 instclub是什么酒ructclubsors has finally come to a successful conclusion.shenzhen This year’s trasuccessfully patched是什么意思ining courses are rich and colorful, leaving a deep impression on the students, such as: ma Min taught & LDquo; Adult Teachinjuniorhighschoolg & RDquo; Course, taught by Li Zhonglions翻译中文jie & LDquo; Training classrooclubsm Management & RDquo; Course, taught by Yi Dongsheng & LDquo; Expjuniorhighschoolression Skills & RDquo; , & other Team game Demonstration & RDquo; Course, taughtclub by Huang Yiqun & LDquo; Basis of PPT Application & RD深圳quo; Course, etc. These courses give slion是什么意思中文翻译tudents an idea of what it takes to be a lecturer and how to deliver a cou深圳风险等级rse well.
      At the graduation ceremony, The first vice president Lin Tao thanked the lecturers for their selfless dedication to the training work, and affirmed and praised the lecturers for the深圳ir teaching, teaching and clarifying withouclubmedt reservation, as well as the achievements and progress of the students. She and shi Jianlecturerousyong, the second vice prlions英语怎么读esident,training造句简单 presented graduation certificates to the studtraining造句简单ents andlions的音标 took photos for them.
      In the eveningtrainingpeaks, the lecturers also held a Christmas party. Through fun games, the students deepened their fclub翻译riendship wittrainingh each other in a warm atmosphere. Thus, this year’s junilions的音标or lecturer training course came to a perfect end.

By Wenjie Turin

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