Service into community Warm heart for people in winter — Shenzhen Lions Club service into community activities into the universal community

On December 25, 2021, the third event of the Series of activities of Shenzhen Lions Club service into The Community was held incommunity怎么读 Shekou Garden City, Sihai Communlions是什么意思ity, Merchantswinter怎么读 Street, Nanshan District. Universal Zhang Runwu, director of community service c深圳天气enter betw深圳疫情最新动态een shenzhen FuWuKe section chief blue YuXiao blood donatwinter对应词ion blood center, shenzhen lions in 2021-2深证指数022 seconwarm怎么读d deputy chairman of 14 NieXiangDong, deputy swinter是什么意思 英语ecretary-general WenYaoLi, partition bearbaby, community service committee chairmanserviceman Wei Xin new executivecommunity是什么意思英语 chairman Sun Mingxia, wen-qin ye, consultants xin-hong Chen, Yang Boyintouan, Lei Sicheng, executive chairman of the Reheart是什么意思中文d Action Committee, Wang Shu, leader ofheartbeat the Mileage Service Team, Liu Meijiao, leader of the Hservice和serve的区别igh-tech Servicpeople是单数还是复数e Teamwarmth, Jia Xiping, leader of the Xiaotong Service Team, Tang Kaicommunity造句, leader of the Baihe Service Team, Zhong Hongjuan, secretary general of Guangdong High-tech Industry Chamber of Commerce and director of the Chamber owarmingf Commerce Research Institute, She Junbiao, professor of sports health expert, ophthalmologist of Shenzhen Aier Eye Hospital, chairmaheartbreakingn of shenzhen Lions Club, representatives of the service team and villagers of Sihai cowinter对应词mmuni深证指数ty about 300 people participated in the activity, and investedheartwork 35,200 yuan of service funds. The activitlions是什么意思y was chaired by Wei Xinxin,service是什么意思中文翻译 co-service是什么意思中文翻译hosted by Gao Chenhan, the host of SHENZHEN Guangdian Group, and Yang Boy深圳uan, the captain of Huanggang Sercommunity翻译vice Team.


The activity was guideservice是什么故障灯d by Shenzhen Care Office andlions Shenzheninto1小跟班 Disabled Persons’ Federservice是什么意思中文翻译ation. Sponsored by the lions club in shenzhen, shenzhen xin jubilee tea culture co., LTD to undertake, dahuang, with high and new, small, waheart什么意思英语lly, mission hills, hong ya, tiancheng,深圳大学 Mr Fukuda, charinto1成员itlions翻译中文y collection, the forheartworkmerservice是什么意思中文翻译 sea, fairy lake, checkpoint, hand in hand, red libo, English, good good, bright pupil, eastern han, roses, happiness, leshan, China baguaheartbreaking ling, virtues, the path, in collaboration with the former sea service. The actilions的音标vity was strongly supported by sihai Community Committee of Merchants Street, Shekou Garden City and Merchheartfeltants Street Gratitude Blood Donation Volunteer team.


Chairmanheartshot Ye Wenqin was presentThe guest.LAN Yuxiao, chief of blood donation Service section of Shenzhen Blood Center, thanked the lions club for its public activity of blood donation, especially the communityserviceCommittee,Member will beThe combination of public bloowarm怎么读d donatiopeople币n and community activities is hoped to be of this kindbothActivities that serve the residents and coninto1成员tribute to the society should be held. NieXiapeople的复数形式ngDongSecond Vice PresidentOn behalf of the Shenzhen Lions ClubThe four seascommunityandSlion是什么意思hekou Garden City provides convenient conditions for public servicwarm反义词e. As the promoter of public service, Shenzhen Lions Clucommunity怎么读音b will lead the lion friends to actively serve and do more things within their power.bettertoTo serve the community, to serve socwarmeriety.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy and scservice和serve的区别ience and technology, peserviceople living standard rise, peointo1ple exservice是什么故障灯ercise in gradually reduce, and the human body because of the high intake of fat, hipeoplegh sugar, high protein food for movement gradually reduce and accumulate, thus the normal metabolism of the humalions英语怎么读n body function declinepeople翻译, obecommunity复数sity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease incidence is increasing. This activity also invited professor She Junbiao, a sports mediclions翻译中文ine researcher from Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radiointolerable, Film and Sports, to eintolerablexplain the scientific and systematic way of exercise through heart rate, exercise intensity, exercise time and mcommunity是什么意思英语any other aspects. The half-hour lecture aroused thwarmthe strong interwinter怎么读est owarmf the community residents, who expressed their desire to learn healthy exerciseservice和serve的区别, balance stress, release moheart什么意思英语tivationservice是什么意思 and obtain a better quality of life.

Public welfare activities are inseparable from the support of the caring units. Sectiolionsn Chief LAN Yuxiao, second Vice President Nie Xiangdong, Chairman Wei Xinxin and Chairman Lei Sicheng presented a plaque to thewinter金玟庭 caring units supporting this activity.


Shenzhen Lions Club actively responds to shenzhlions翻译中文en government’s attention to the elderly and relevant mcommunity复数easures, and carries out community services with the vilionsgatesion of the elderly as the core. This event specially invited the professional doctor team of Shenzhen Aier Eye Hospital to provide supporwarm翻译t, hoping to provide the most professional eye examination for the elderly, give tcommunity翻译he right presbyopia glasses, promote and solve the visipeople的复数形式on problems of the elderly concerned by the society.

Undpeopleer the guidance of lion friends, the majority of community residents hav深圳疫情最新动态e completeintolerabled the viservicesion examination,lions的音标 fundusshenzhen examination, and received suitable gllions是什么意思asses.

In addition to giving reading glasses as gifts, the site also carried out a series of activities such asheartbroken “Red Action” public welfare blood donation, which was actively participated by residentspeople是可数名词还是不可数名词.


This event was the third public benefit activity thatlions翻译 Shenzhen Lions Club provided service to the community. More than 400 pairs of presbyopic glasses of variouspeople是什么意思 types were distributed on site, serving more than 500 residents, and over 20,000 ml of blood was donated fo深圳市最新疫情r public benefit, which was hicommunity怎么读音ghly recognized by residents and the community.people英语怎么读 Shenzhen Licommunity造句ons Club Community Service Committee will continue to update the service content, so that more service projects closely related to the community residents can be settled in the community.

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[Photo] Wei Xinxin

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