Shenzhen Lions Club fuyong service team visited spring Breeze Library in Pingshang town, Xinshao County

Shenzhen Lions Club fuyong service team visited spring Breeze Library in Pingshang town, Xinshao County

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Author: Liu Yan-wu xie Flions翻译eng Yan Shixian

Shenzhen Lions Club fuyong service team visited spring Breeze Library in Pingshang town, Xinshao County

Shenzhen Lions Club fuyong service team visited spring Breeze Library in Pingshang town, Xinshao County

From November 12th to 13th, the Fuyong Servbreeze怎么读ice team of Shenzhen Lions Club visited nine “Spring Breeze libraries” in Pingteamproshang Town, Xinshao Cou深圳大学nty, to learn about the use of love books ispringbootn each steambitionchool and to donate a new batch of love materials.

Lions club is a global non-governmental chavisited及物不及物rity organization. In 2002, approvclub是什么酒ed by The State Council, Shenzhelions怎么读n Lions Club walions翻译s established. “Spring Breeze Library” is a brand service project of Lions Club, which mainly gives extspring漏洞racurricular books to children in plions怎么读oor areas to increase their knowlevisited的过去式dge. In 2016, Shenzhen Lions Club donated “Spring Breeze Library” to nine schools in Pingshang Town, Xinsvisited怎么读英语hao County, and donated 19,290 books w深圳疫情最新动态orth more th附庸风雅的意思an 250,000 YUAN to eaclionsh school. Over thelion是什么意思中文翻译 past six years,springboot Shenzhen Lions Club andservice翻译 Shenzhen Pingshang Ass附庸风雅录ociation havvisited怎么读e beeteam什么意思n paying cvisited英语怎么说lose attention tservice怎么读o the education in Pingshang and fulfilling the rural childrenvisited音标‘s reading dream.

On the afternoon of Tvisited英语怎么说he 12th, the Fuyong Seteamsrvice team of Shenzhen Lions Club came to Pingshang town again and donated 6,550 books worth 170,000 yuan to the “Spring Breeze Library” of nine schools in Piservice是什么意思中文翻译ngshang town, covering literature, painting, science and t附庸风雅echnology, humanities and so on.深圳地铁线路图 They also had a friendly cobreeze是什么意思nversation with the school principals and teachers and students representatives. Further understanding of the students’ learning and lservice怎么读ife as well as the use of the library and stuteamsdents on the types of books, books update and other needs to do a further investigation suteamviewermmary, for the next深圳天气 step tovisited及物不及物 help pingshang town primary and seclionsgateondary school students and rural left-behind children to provide reference. Although it is winter, the arrlions是什么意思ival of shenzhen Lions Club Fuyong service team undoubtedly brought a warm spring breeze to the children in the countryside, and lit a burning torch for pingsheng education.

“One book, one love, two dreams” is the common wishbreeze翻译 of the founders of Chunfenspring框架g Library and all the volunteers. Tian Li, the president of Lio傅永字修期ns Club, wasteams手机版 moved when he saw the clean and tidy library of each school, with rows of neatly classified shelves and books full of borrowi深圳天气ng records. “Education is neveteambitionr about filling a basket, but about ligh深圳疫情最新消息ting up a lamp. It is the dream of all of us at Shenzhen Lions Club to let knowledge illuminate the lives of rural children.”

At the forum held on the morning of 13th, the relevant person in charge of pingshang Town Party Committee warmly welcomed the alionsgaterrival of the Shenzhen Lions Cluteamb Fuyong Service team on behalf of the whole town people. He said that this kind act has contributed to the ru深圳疫情最新动态ral education of Pingshang tovisited英语怎么说wn, and fully reflected the support and care of Pinglionsgateshang Lionvisited的意思s Club toteamo the educationlionsgate cause of Pingshang. I hope these books will moisten the children’s hearts like spring breeze, broaden their hor深圳天气izons and open their wisdom, and bring hope like spring to the children in rural areas.

As the “matchmaker” between shenzhen Lions club and Pingshang town, Wan附庸风雅录g Benxu, presilion是什么意思中文翻译dent of Shenzhen Pingshang fellow villagers’ Associaservice和serve的区别tion, said that Pingshang tospring漏洞wn has a folk proverb “carrying feet selling sand jars and sending cubs to school” since its incservice翻译eption. Parents respect teachers, teachers are dlions英语怎么读edicated and society attaches grlions英语怎么读eat importance tclub是什么意思o educatioservicebion, which is a fine tradition of Pingshang. People here, because education has gone out, but also with the profound feelings of returning home, thlions的音标e ent傅永发愤读书文言文翻译husiasm of donating for education is very high, forming the baton, BELIEVE that “s附庸风雅录pring Breeze library” is like a spark of fire, it can not only illuminate the rural children’svisited readspringboot面试题ing dream but also ignite the whole r深圳市最新疫情ural eserviceducation “field”.

After the symposium, pingshang town officials and town educvisitedation superintendence office issbreeze翻译ued certificates of appreciationservice to all the members of shenzhen Lions Club Fuyong Service Team, and the return visit was officially ended after the simple ateamprond sol傅永发愤读书文言文翻译emn donation ceremony.

(breeze怎么读Responsible Editor: Shao Yang_SY003)

Shenzhen Lionsteams会议 Clspring面试题ub fuyong service team paid a return visit to spring Breeze Libra深圳ry in Pingshang Town, Xinshao Counservice翻译ty

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