Wonderful record of the change of pen Rack Hill Service Team

Wonderful record of the change of pen Rack Hill Service Team

            On June 30, 2012, Bijia Mountain Srecord名词ervice Team of Shenzhen Lions Club successfully held the 2012-2013 annual chahill怎么读英语nge and awarhillsided party ofhill Bijia Mountain Service Team in Xrackingizang Panjimani Club, Futian District.
           teamwork In the solemn “National anthem of the People’s Republic of China” and the lively “Lion song” music, opened the curtain of the transition ceremony, by Yujuateam是什么意思翻译nni Shi sister as the ceremony’s master of ceremonies.
        &nbsrecord是什么意思英语p;   Lion friends were happy to watch the video clips and review the past ten years of bijia Mountain serecord名词rvice team’s wind and rain and brecordingrilliant achievements. Everyon嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射e was very excited and expected to create a better decade together.


  &nbsphill-climbing翻译;         Mr. Li Lunshi, president of Bijia Mountain Service Team in 2011-2012, made an important speech on the achievements of bijia Mountain serviceteam team in the past year. Witnessed by all lion friends, a sracket翻译olemn president handover ceremon嫦娥奔月yrecording was held. Li Xi彭禺厶an彭于晏g膨组词shi, president of 2012-2013, received theteams手机版 riwonderful什么意思bbon, bell and gavel from li Lunshi, former president. The newly appoint朋友的母亲2020中字版ed President Li Xiang delivered a passionate inaugural speech and made clear the main contents of this year’s work: First proposed the priority is to further strengthen the system within the specification and perfe嫦娥五号ct, increasing the number of member service, the second is to deepen the brotherhood between the relationship of communication and cooperation, moreover, is a classiteams会议c services do bijia mountain sservicemanervice projects, including love the blue sky club behavior language center retarded, intellectualrack怎么读ly, chil膨组词dren with autism and help, donation activity; Do a good job in the splendid Garden community service p嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射rojects; Finally, I will inform you of the schedule of the activity. We are very confident that we can do well in our woteamrk thhill的中文is year and loorecorderk forward to receiving the helservice的名词p and support from the association.  
            Bijia Mountain Service team president Li Xiang shiteamojie and former president Li Lun Shijieteampro presented certificates of commendation to the team memberteampros for their conteamprotributions last year.


            Everyone expressed congratulations on the successful convening of the general meeting, and also wished bijia Mountain Serviceservice是什么意思 Team to create better results in the New Year urackingnder the leadership of the council with President Li Xiang as the core and the joint efforts of awonderful同义词ll the lion friends.

Article/photo & have swonderful翻译中文pent     Huang Jieling, Wu Bing

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