Shenzhen Lions Sunshine Service team held the 2012 -- 2013 annual changing of the leadership charity party

Shenzhen Lions Club Sunshine Service Team held 2012& MDash; 2013 Annual Changing of the leadership Charity gala

          &nbsservice翻译p; July 20, 2012, Shenzhen Lions Club Sunshine Service Team 2012& MDash; 2013 annual leadersannual的名词hip change and Lion Friends nisunshine怎么读ght charity party was held in Fumin Square, Pingdi Street. Su Zeran, 2012-2013 Director of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Wang Min, deputy director of CPPCC of Longgang Disunshine微信名含义strict, pingdi Street leadservice和serve的区别ers, Lin Z深圳疫情最新消息iyu, deputy director of Lions Club of Shannuallyenzhen, wang Jshenzheninliang, former director attended the party.

            With t深圳he witness of forteam是什么意思翻译mer director Wang Jinliang, sunshine Service team completed the handover ceannual同义词remonsunshine什么意思y. At the party, Li Yuebin, president of ccPIT Xiamteamproen, reported the lion affairs and financial situation of 2011sunshine歌词-2012 to the lion friends attending the meeting. Hu Xiaobing, the new president, made a pla深圳疫情n for 2012-2013.
            At the partyserviceman, the sunshine Service team donatedservice的名词 50,held的意思是什么000 yuan to two families in urgent need of funds due to leukemia. Donated 200,000 yuan to Qinnan Village, Zijin County, Heyuan, pingdi Street counterpart support unit; Awateamrd pingditeambition street college entrance examinationteamo outstanding poor students Luo Yuchen ten thousand yuasunshine翻译中文n.

            Siservicemannce its inception, the Sunshine Service teamheld怎么读的 has been coteamviewermmittedheld过去式和过去分词 to social charity, makingannual怎么读 positive contributions to medical treatment, disaster relief, disability assistance, education, poverty alleviation and other fields. They have traveled allheld怎么读的 over the country, organizing medical teams to remove cataracts foheld过去式和过去分词r Tibetans, delivesunshine英语r compservice和serve的区别uters to poheld的中文意思or schoolsunshine翻译中文s, and send moneservice是什么意思y to victims of earthquake disaster areas.
      &nannuallybsp;     In this evening party, lion friends and entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about charity donated enthusiastically. Here, suns深圳天气hine Service team would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all lion friends and entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about charity.

Photo sunshine Service Team

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