Charity Collection Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019

Charity Collection Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019

On December 8, 2018, the sixth regular meeting of Shenmeetingzhen Lions Club Charity Collection Service Team for 2018-2meeting是什么意思019 was successfully held on beijianteamviewerg Grand Boat in Qingregular是什么意思英语yuan city. More than 30 people attended the meeting, icharity和love区别ncluding Zheng Xigen, executive Chairman of 2018-2019 Membership Developcollection翻译ment and Retention Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club and former leader of chteams会议arity Collection Service team, Deng Meixin, leader of charity Collectiomeeting翻译n Service tcharity宽容的爱eam, Yu Xiaoping, second viteambitionce leader Chen Jinming, third vice leader Li Wei, Secretary Gonheld中文g Lingling and finance Huang Shuiqiao. Zhao Zhuoni, leader of Huatian Service Team, and other liocollections.sort用法n friends, their families and social caring personage attended the meeting. Tservicehe meeting was chaired by Huang Shuiqiao ameeting是什么中文意思nd presidregular是什么意思英语ed over by Chengmeetingtencentcom Yan.

At theservice是什么意思 mcharity音标eeting, the financial department of Huangshuiqiao anheld过去式和过去分词nounced the total amount of donations and expenditure details of qingyuan “Sunshine Talents” educational activities. Qiu Zhaojun and Shan Hui from the splendid Service Team, Zhao Anni and Lservicei Meiserviceable from the Huatian Service team shameetingred their experience of particservice是什么意思ipating in this activityserviceman on stage, calling on lion friends to actively pheld过去式和过去分词articipate in educational activities, help more poor students, and contribute to the cultivation of future successors of the motherland. Social loving people Wacharity和love区别ng Zhanghuai couple said, student actservice的名词ivities, lion friends busy figure and big love deeply impressed by the spirit of their pay, they will, as always, support the development of shenzhmeeting是什么意思en lions public welfare undertakings, ancollections下载d look forward to more involved in charitaheld的原型ble collection service in studenservice翻译t servicessixth怎么读, care for the students in need of help to society. Afterwards, lion friends pteamsut forward valuable suggestionservice是什么故障灯s on how to better implement the sservice和serve的区别ervice activities.

Cservice是什么故障灯aptain Deng Meixin made a concluding spesixthech, thanking the lion friends, their faregularmilies and the social caring people for theteamir support to this regular meeting, and thanking the lion friends for their silent contribution to the preparation of this qingyuan student aid activity, and callinregularg on the lion friendsservice是什么意思中文翻译 to work together on the way of student aid, and move forward all the way.

“As long as everyone gives a love, the world will become a better world…” The regular meeting ended iteamworkn the beautifserviceableul singing of lion sister-in-law He Xiaoling.

By Gong Lingling

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