The 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony of the Lion Love Football Service Team and the outdoor sketching service of Futian Disabled People's Federation Calligraphy and Painting Society was successfully held

Blue sea and blue sky spectrum of love

-- The 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony of the Lion Love Football Service Team and the outdoor sketching serviceinaugural address of Futian Disableinaugural address翻译d Persons' Federation Calligraphy and Painting Society was successfully held

Oinaugural address翻译n June 22, 2018, the inaugural ceremonyceremony同义词 of shenzhservice是什么意思en Liolovealarmns Club Lion Love Footballfootballs Service Team and the outeamtdoor paintingfootball翻译 service activity of Dapeng offootballer Futlion的音标ian District Disabled Persons' Federation was held in South Australia. Under the leadership of lion friends witness, Xie Bin will be transferred to zhang Fulong captain ribboceremony的名词n. The activity organized 23 friends from Futian Disabled Persons' Federation painting and Calligraphy Society to paint in the seaside outdoors, with a service fund of 21,000 yuservicean.

On the morning of 22nd, the gate of the Rehabilitation Celove直播破解版nter for the disabled in Futian district was filled with warm lion love. Some of the lion friends of the Shenzhen Lions Club Lion Love Football Servilionelce team helped the painters of the Disabled People's Federation Paintceremony和celebration的区别ing and Calligraphy Solovealarmciety to get on the bus, some were pickilionsng up wheelchairs, some were clovelyarrying painting equipment... Silently preparing for the seaside outdolovely翻译or painting activiticeremony复数形式es of disabled artists.

Under the lion friends' careful arrangement, the painters of calligraphyfootball是什么意思 and painting sofootball是什么意思ciety came to the picturesqufootball是橄榄球还是足球e end of the sea. Under the leadership of Tefootball是什么意思acher Yu Zibo, the students of the oil painting group focused on painting the blue sky and the blue sea, and couldn't wait to present the beautiful seaside scenery in their works.teampro Under the guidance of the famous painter Li Chuchi and teacher Llion的中文意思iu Shaoxing, the students of the Chinese painting group created with concentration and interprelion的音标ted their persistent pursuit of art.

In the afternoon, dai Tongxin, former president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Du Peng, chairman of the fourth Zone for 2018-2019, Li Xiang, chairman of the zone for 2018-2019, Cui Weiying, representatives of tfootball和soccer区别he service teams anlove直播破解版d painters of the Disabled Persons' Federation of Calligraphy ainaugural address课文pptnd Painting Association attended the inauguration ceremony of the lions Love Football Tceremony的音标eam for 2018-2019 in pengcheng Family Seaceremony和celebration的区别fservice的名词ood Restauraservice的名词nt. In the leadership of lion friends witnlionkkess, Xie Bin will be rfootballsibbon and scepter handed over to Zhang Fulong. Old and new captains exchange gifts anteams会议d flags of the year. Ginaugural是什么意思ao Ling Shi Brother hosted the fundraising, and the event was for the brand projelions英语怎么读ct of Lion Love Football Service team "Lion Love Sunshine & NBSP; "Building Dream Green" rafootball和soccer区别ised 51,footballer888 yuan of service funds.

Ma Min, the chairman-designate, came to Dapeng from downtown to send greeting cards despite the heaceremony造句vy rain. The lion friends also picked up disabled artists despite the heavinauguraly rain. Teachers Li Chuchi and Liu Shaoxing donated calligraphy and painting works to the Lion Love Football Service team. The lion Love Football Service team donated 3,000 yuan worth of books and pfootball音标ictures tlions英语怎么读o the students of the calligraphy and Painting Club.   We use practical action silently interpretatiteamoon of great love.

Zhang Xiaobing, president of the painting and Calligraphy Society, expressed his gratitudefootball音标 to the lion friends for their continuous carinaugural是什么意思e and support.

Zhang Fulong, the 2018-2019 captain of lion Love Football Service Team, said that hteambitione would continue to support the students' pursuit of artfootball翻译 and adhere to good service.

By Zhang Fulong/He Xin and Cheteampron Weimin

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