We are together -- The 2018-2019 inaugural Ceremony of the Beishan Service Team and the Activity of Caring for the Elderly of the Five Guarantees was held smoothly

We are together -- The 2018-2019 inaugural Ceremony of the Beishan Service Team and the Activity oservice怎么读f Caring for the Elderly of背上长痘痘 the Five Guarantees was held smoothly

On June 17, 2018, the 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony of Beishan Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Boluo County, Dongguan City. Nearly 30 peopleteamwork from beishan Servicactivity复数e team including lion friends, would-be lion friends and their悲伤逆流成河 family members participat悲伤时爱你ed in the activity. Li Chuncceremony同义词hang, chairman of the 10th District of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019, was invited to participate in the activity, actively interact with the lion friends, and guide the New Year work of Beishan Service team.

On the afternoon of The 17th, shiyou set out from Shenzhen to visit the elderly in tangwei Village, Ma Po Town, Boluo County. They alsactivity的中文意思o delivereteamod oil, rice, milk, zongzi and other daily necessities to the nine elderly people and sent them sincere wishes on the Dragon Boat Festival. Lion friends and the old people talk kindtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓ly, listen to the old people tell the story of tinauguralhe year, thetogether什么意思英语 scene is happy, bursts of laughter... After saying goodbye to the oactivity怎么读ldtogetherbnb补丁 people, the lion friends of the Beishan service team communicated with the director of the tangwei Village committee and the staff to furthtogether怎么读er understand the situation of the old people of the five guarantee households.

After the visit to Tangwei Village, lions came to Aji Mountain to hold the 201北上广依然相信爱情7-2018 annual tribute anactivity工作流d 2018-2019 Inauguration ceremony of theinaugural address课文ppt new leadership. The ceremony waceremony复数形式s chaired by Mr Zhanservice翻译g Yongtao, the first vice-captain designate of Beishan Service Team, and officitogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动ated by Mr Dan Tsai.

Founding tservice怎么读eam leadactivity生命周期er Jiang Xiezhen reviewed the development process of Beishan Service team since its inception, and thankedactivity的形容词 the liservice是什么故障灯onceremony同义词 friends for their trust and support. He sincerely hoped that the lion friends of Beishan Service team would always keep their initial aspiration for public welfare and do a good job in public service with a low profile and pragmatism. The 2017-2018 team leader oactivity翻译f Beishan Service Team repactivity怎么读orted the service activities and financial situation of this year, and praised the outstanding lion friends who actively practactivity的四种启动模式iced ttogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动he spirit ofbeishan "Four out".

After the exciting award ceremony, witnessed by Presidentinaugural Li Chunchang, Wang Linghong solemnly handed over the teamtogether怎么读 leadservice是什么故障灯er ribbon to Jia Zhen, which means that Jia Zhen will shoulder the responsibility and mission of the team leader in 2018-2019.

Captain Designate Jia Introduced the 2teampro018-2019 work plan from four aspects of membership developceremonyment and retention, lion work, service activities, quantification and recognition, so that everyone could further clarify the work plan and targetactivity的形容词 of the New Year. I encourage you to join eatogetherbnb游戏下载安卓ch working groupactivity复数 according to your own situation, to participatetogether翻译 and conceremony是什么意思tribute enthusiaservice的名词stically, and to practactivity生命周期ice the spirit of "four out".

Presidenceremony复数形式t Li Chunchang encourateamproged Beishan Service Team to build a service team brand project as soon as possible, and to actively go out and jointly carry out service activitbeishanies with more service teams, so as to contribute to the steady devactivity的中文意思elopment of Lions Club.

The inauguration ceremony was successfully concluded, and the lion friends attended the party together. Songs,team dances, taiji Sword ainaugural是什么意思nd oserviceablether wonderful programs wereactivity生命周期 presented. Many lion friends sincerely feel that it is a very happy thing to walk on this rinaugural address翻译中英对照oad full of love and pursuit of public welfare witteams会议h all of you.

By Dan CAI & NBSP; Photo/Courtesy of Beishan Servi北上广依然相信爱情ce Team

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