Mission Hills Service Team of Lions Club of Shenzhen presents charity Contribution Award (source: Shenzhen Business Daily A04)

Shenzhen Lions Club Mission Hills presented the charity Contribution Award


          Shenzhen Business Daily: (Reporter Wang Guangming) On the evening of September 7th, Mcharity的内涵意义ission Hlionsgateills Service Team of Shenzhen Lilion是什么意思ons Club held 2serviceman013& MDash; At the 2014 annual Leserviceableadership change ceremony and the first anniversary charity dinner, six members of the Lions Mission Hipresents怎么读lls Servhillsice team, Liu Chen, Yang Jianhua, He Xingrong, Zhang Ran and Chen Nengyi, were awardmissionary歌词mved the Outstanding Charity Contribution Award and enthusiastic Charity Contribution Award respectively for their copresents读音ntributionsteams手机版 to charity. An army of & other; The lion brothers & throughout; “ The lion sister & throughout; Calligraphy and painting works and artworks donated by others were sold at the sceneserviceman of the charity auction, and all were handed over for charitable purposes.

 深圳疫情最新消息           Shenzhen Lions Club Mission Hills Service team Yang Jianhua said that shenzhen Lions Club Mission Hipresentslls service team was深证指数 established opresents和gifts区别nly one year ago, with the purpose of helping others and serving the society, communication & LDquhillso; We serve ” In tlion是什么意思中文翻译he spirit of financial aid, assistance to the dicharity形容词sabled, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and other areaspresents和gifts区别 to carrteam什么意思y out a series of activities. In terms of education,charity-minded Mission Hills provided special teaching equipment to Lianpimissionary翻译ng Primary School in Longchuanmissionary歌词mv County, Heyuan City, and helped Ball Mountain Middle School in Fengshun County, Meizhou city to build multimedia classroompresentss. Together with Longcheng Service Team, mission深圳疫情 Hills went to Pingyuan Primary School in Dabu County, Meizhou city tcharity形容词o hold education carehills怎么读 activiti深圳疫情最新动态es, and promised to sponsor Blions翻译中文ailu Zhou Middle Scho深圳地铁线路图ol in Ji ‘mission翻译an city, Jiangxi Province for a long time. Hony class & throlion是什么意思ughout; The cost of living for 95 students. Mission Hills also actively participates in assisserviceableting the disablteam什么意思ed, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. Red Lion Clothing, Disabled station & RDqlions翻译uo; Activities, listed at Mission Hills Rehabilitation Center for Disabilities; At the same time, I helped Xiao Minghui, a student suffering from leukemia, to raise treatment fees. I particiteams会议pated in the activity of raising surgery fees for Li Yiwen, a resident of the community, which was initiated by Cuizhu Strecharity的动词et Office of Luohu District, etc.service是什么故障灯, and raised a total of nearly one million yuan for more than 10 project activities.


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