Keep the love going? More on the step

Let the love continue. More on the step

            Empty mountain after the new rain, the weather late autumn. Ogoing是什么时态n the evening of August 31, 2013, the 2013-2014 annual changikeepng ceremony and charity austep文件用什么软件打开ction party of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Palm Springs Club of Shenzhmore怎么读en Shahe Golf Club.
Shenzgoingto后面加什么形式hen lions director wu xm fromlovely 2013 to 2014, the previous director Sgoing outu Zeran, first deputy director Lin Ziyu, formerstepn governors and the secretary-general Zhang Xiaowei lions, elder sister and district directors, each professional committee chairman, sm, brothers service on behalf of the lion, and the social enterprise and people love, shangbu service lions, friends of friends and relatives nearly 300 people in transitio魔人布欧n at the cegoingto后面加什么形式remony.
  &nbspmore的原级;     &nkeep的用法bsp;   Mr. Wlovelyang Boshi, chairman of the conference and fokeep是啥意思unding president of Upu Service Team, rang the bell and gave a welcome speech at tmore翻译hekeep下载安装 meeting. Mr. Shi Qiang, 2012-2013 pkeep的用法resident of Upu Service team made the annual work summary report, and Zhai Ping made the annual financial rekeep奖牌port. In recognition of Brother Tong Xin shi won the national Lion Association & LDquo; Outstanding Member & RDquo; The General Assembly awarded it. President’s Special Award & RDQUO; Atstepichu二代 the same time to step up the service team lion friendsstepichu二代 and social caring enterprises, caring personage issued & LDquo; Outstanding Contribution Award & RDQUO; , & other Lovemore是什么意思译 award & RDquo; In recognition of their contributions to charity in the past year.
  &nbsstepichu官网p;         With the witness of Director Wu Xiaoming alove is gone英文翻译nd the formelove最新版官方下载r presidents of upu Service Team, Brother Hu默认网关 Qingsong, president of 2013-2014, received the sash of president and the bell and gavel symbolizing the power of tmorehe association from Brother Shi Qiang, president of 2012-2013, and completed the handover ceremony. Hu Qingsong skeep健身apphi Brother, 2013-2014 president of Ugoing翻译psmoreovertep Service Team, delivered his inaugural speech, saying that he would lead everyone to complete every educational project in a down-to-earth way, bring hokeep健身apppe to the children in poor areas, change their deststepichu二代iny with knowledge, and lead them to a bright future. Then with the new members of the board of directors collective appearance, I believlove直播软件安卓下载e that they will lead the first step servistep是什么意思ce team to cakeep健身apprry forward the past, create brilliant. Inspired by the lion culture, there are new lion friends joining the lion team. The replenishment of fresh blood will make shenzhen Lions more vibrant akeep跑步截图nd prosperous.
            Directorstep文件用什么软件打开 Wu Xiaoming delivered a speech, higoing用法ghly appraised the contribution of upstep service team in charity and carried forwardgoing用法 lion culture, and placed high hopes on thgoingto后面加什么形式e development of upstep service team in the future.
&nkeep下载bsp;           Then, the charity auctionlovely kicked off, from the Central District Service tkeepeam & LDquo; 1st session of Shenzhen Lions Club ” Cao Yan grand entrance, palm Springs will be immkeep下载安装ediately excitedkeep. This time, all 25 items donated by the lion friends of the service team andlove直播软件安卓下载 caring people were auctioned off. The total amount of money raised at the auction and the site was 1,019,000 yugoing outan, which was a complete succstephess. The first step service team solemnly prom默认网关ises that all the donations raised in this auction and on site will be used fomore翻译r charitable donatgoing用法ion projects, ensuring zero administrative costs, and making the funds dgoing homeedicated, revenue and expenditure open and transparent.
   stepn         The charity auckeep跑步截图tion party ended with the song “Let the world belove直直播app full of love” sung by all tgoing onhe lion friends of the upstep service temore是什么意思译am. Today, shangbu serkeep健身appvilovece team has entered its emore是什么意思译leventh year, standing at a new starting point, I believe that the lion friends of Shangbu sekeep怎么读rvice team are full of love and social responsibility, and will congoing是什么时态tinue to make a further step on the road of charity.

Text/pkeep下载安装hoto sgoingtep up service team


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