More than 20 special children entered the dream kindergarten (source: Shenzhen Evening News A07 edition, September 22, 2014)

  6th issue organised by the Miles Service club of Shenzhen Lions Club Very academic ” Yesterday the school & have spent
More than 20 special needs children are enrolled in a dream kindergarten.
        Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhichildren’s day翻译jun) & LDquo; They may be a little special in the eyes of ordinary people, but we are willing to give these angels a difmore thanferent tomorrow.children后面加is还是are ” Yesterday魔人布欧, the 6th edition of ldQUO was held by the Shenzhen Lionchildrens Club Mileage Service team. Very academic ” More than 20 children with special needsthan ensource的中文意思tered their dream kindergarten tthan后面加什么o receive education like ordinary cdream我的世界大逃杀hildren.
&nkindergarten怎么读英语bsp;    entered翻译   Lin Qindream我的世界g, the principal of Genus Kindergarten, is from the happy Growth Group of Shenzhen Volunteer Union. She has been paying attention to the growth of spethanlulacial children. December 201source insight1, with the helpentered是什么意思 of the Shenzhmoreen Lions Clumore翻译b Mileage Service Team, Issue 1thanked & LDQUO; Very academic ” Back in school. Over the past four yearspecializes, more than 100 special chienteredldren have benefitedkindergarten幼儿园.
        A parent of a child with special needs who attended the opening ceremsourcedochildren英语怎么说ny yesterday said with tears in his eyes that the most imoreovermportant thing for parents of a childream是什么意思d with special needs is not to give up. “ There is a lot of lovethanks什么意思 in this city. Themorere are many love organizations such as volunteer union and Lions Club. We can certainly give our children better care and education. ”
        At yesterday’s opening ceremony, many children of lion friends also came to themoreover是什么意思 scene, and they played games with special children. The garden was full of children’s laugh魔人布欧ter. Jin Qian, the 2014~2015 president of the Miles Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Clspecial翻译ub and the head teacher of this special School said, We plan to carry out. 2+1’ Pair help action means that two fspecializedamilies hesource引擎lp a family with a special child, and at the same time hire professional teachers tentered是什么意思o pdream我的世界大逃杀rovide more professional educamoreovertion for special children. ”
        Jinuisi kindergarten superintendent Wang Mengting also on & LDquo; Versourcedy academic ” Special support plans were put forward. Except for special needs kids every weekend. Versource翻译y academic ” In addimoreover是什么意思tion, we also plan to accept children with special needs into kindergarten classes from Monday to Friday to learn and communicate with normal children and help them integrate into the society fastermore是什么意思译.
Lion frienkindergarten是什么意思英语翻译ds brought their children to the scene and played games with special children. Photo by Shenzhenspecial Evening News reporter CAI Zhijun

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