2013? The 2nd National Children’s World Peace Poster Solicitation Activity (source: Home page of Shenzhen News Network)

2013• The 2nd National Children’s World Peace Poster Solicitation

            Shenzhen competition offactivity复数icially started.

            Shpeacefulenzhen News on September 10, by the Domestic Lionspeace&love啥意思 Association, care fornational翻译 theactivity的中文意思 next generation committee, the Domestic Academy of Fine Arts, the International department of the Domestic Disabled persons’ Federation co-sponsored & LDquo; 2013• The 2nd National Children’s World Peace Posterposter Solicitation & RDQUO; Officworldially laun能的拼音ched.

  &activity的四种启动模式nbsp;         In order to sow the seeds of peace in the hearts ofnational空调 children, we guide children tnational翻译o express their peace ideals and goactivity的动词od wiactivityshes by means of paintings anpostern下载d posters, and establish pchildren怎么读英语单词ublworldbox最新破解版ic welfare thoughts and cchildren翻译ultivate glchildren怎么读英语单词obal concepts. The organational空调nizers decided to follopeacemakerw the rules of the I宁德疫情nternational Peace Poster Contest. It is能的部首是什么 renationalpworldboxortednational祝庆 that Lions Internatiactivity的动词onactivity的动词al has held the international peace poster solicitation since 1988. So far, it has been held 2poster是什么意思6 times, with an average of 600,000 children aged 11-1children是单数还是复数3 from 65 countries and regionactivity工作流s pposter翻译articipating in the solicitation every year. The domestic side has organized regional peace poster competition activities for many times, selected children’s works to compete, and has won the different annual & LDQUO; Gnational daylobal Award & RDQUO; And & other Global Best Book Award & RDQUO; .

        &能的部首是什么nbsp;   Related links :2013& Bull; The 2nd National Children’s Worldpeace&love啥意思 Peace Poster Solicitation

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