Spring multimedia classroom benefits children in Sanqianshan District (source: Shenzhen Evening News A07, Sep 22, 2014)

  Spring multimedia classroom benefits children in Qianshan district & NBSP;
        Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang correspondent Chen Jiayi) recently, shenzhedistrictingn Lions Club Red Li service team lion friends and cspring翻译aring people went to fuchang Electronics Co., LTD shenzhen branch to receive donations for co深圳大学nstruction & LDquo; Spring Multimedia Classroom & RDQUO; 150 sets of computers. This means that six spsource翻译ring multimedia classrooms will be built sbenefits怎么读oon, benefiting 3000 children in the mountains.
        The event was initiated by Hua深圳疫情ng Yiqun, a member of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Huang Yiqun and his client fuchang Electronics company management in the exchange of red li service team and mountain children and “ Spring Multimedia Classroom &multimedia RDQUO; “, and decided to donate 150 sets of HP cchildren翻译omputers from the company’s recent equipment update to tclassroom的中文翻译he Red Li Service team for use. Spring Multimedia Cldistrict缩写是什么assroom & RDQUO;深圳地铁线路图 In the construction. It is understood that the project has besource的中文意思en widely carried out in the service teabenefits是什么意思英语ms of the Shenzhen Lions Club. At present, more than 30 spring multimedia classroomsdistrict怎么读 equipped with new or reusable equipment have been built and put into use in Guizhou, Shaanxi and Jiangxclassroom的中文翻译i provinces.

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