Notice on registration for the 53rd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference

Notice on registration for the 53rd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference

Dear Lion frilionelend,
      The 53rd Far East and Southeast As法人ia Lion Conference will be held on November 13, 2014. 16 in Incheon, South Korea.
      In order to任达华 experience the lion culture, we sinnoticecerely inveaster是什么意思英语ite you to attend the 53rd Fnotice同义词ar East & Southeasregistration formt Asia Lion Annual Conference in Incheon, Korea. Details of registration are as follows:

I. Cost dnotice的形容词escription

(1) Registratnotice同义词ion fee
Registration fsoutheastee & have spent           Date/time & NBSP;           Cost & have spent            
District club registration & NBSP;       2014/10/31     &nbs入党申请书2022p;       US$110 (equivalent to 700 yuan)
On-site registration & NB入党流程SP;                                   US$120 (equivalent to 76annual是什么意思0 yuan) & NBSP;          
Deadline for registration: 5:00 PM on October 24th, 2014 & NBSP;
      Please submit the registration fee and registration form to the distnotice过去式rict office before 5pm on October 24th, fill in the registration form of the 53rd Far East & Southeannual英语怎么读ast Asia Lion Conventisoutheastern是什么意思on (see attachment 2), sennotice的形容词d to or fax to 0755-25688900. Registration is required for all lions attending the 53rd Annual South East Asia Convention. After registration, you can pick up the admission tag, conference manual, etc.

(2) Tour fee
      Shenzhen Lions Club hfartheras selected CITS Shenzhen and CITS Shenzhen to organannual怎么读ize the 53rd Southeast Asia Lion Convention throufarmgh open bidding. We recommend the following two routes for lion clulion复数b members to registelionr:
A1 Group: Seoul, Korea 5-day Tour (shopping Mall)
          Tour fee: RMBeaster 4900 / person for 31 people
A2 Group: Jeju, Seoul, South Korea 6-day tourregistration怎么读音 (inside shopping mall)
          Tour fee: ¥6200 / person for 31 people)
Group B: Incheon annual Meeting + Seoul 5 days (no shopping)
        &nregistration翻译bsp; Tour fee: ¥5530 for 35 people
      All the rlioneloutes above are入党动机 based on the minimum number of participants to charge the tonoticeurlion怎么读 fee in advance. If the number of participants reaches a certain number,easter什么意思 you can enjoy the preferential treatmlionkkent. Theast怎么读e touregistration是什么意思中文翻译r fee collected in advance wilregistration翻译l be refunded more or less according to the actual tour fee.lion翻译If you need to apply for a tour, please report the route to theannual是什么意思 Lions Club office in Shenzhen and pay the full amount of the tour befsoutheast翻译ore 24 Octsoutheast是什么意思英语ober. Please register as soon asannually possible due toregistration动词 tighnoticeablet schedule of flight and hotenotice翻译l reservation. Late registralions英语怎么读ntlions can only join the tour with thregistration怎么读e approval of thasian翻译e travel agent, and the tour fee may be increased. Please refer to aeast翻译ppendinoticex 3 and 4 for detailed tour routes ansoutheast翻译d related tour fees. If tannual的名词he above routes still do not sat入党申请书2021最新版isfy you, yoeaster是什么意思英语u can also contact the travel agency to join otannual的名词her routes prepared by the travel agency.

(3) visa fee
      If appnotice过去式lying for tour, visa fee has been includannual怎么读ed in the toureaster是什么意思英语 fee. The price dilionsfference of the separate visa is rmb300 / person (the separate visa fee is the reference price provided by CITS shenzhen).rd Documents and fees required for the visa have been indicated in the attached travel agency schedule, please download and browse.Please submit visa information directly to the tour agannualizedent. If you have any questionssoutheastern about visa and itinerary, plenotice同义词ase contact CITS shenzhen or CITS Shenzhen New Landscape.

Ii. Payment method
&nbspeaster英语怎么读;     Registration fee andrd tour fee (f入党申请书范文or Tours A and B) should be paid to lions Club Office in Shenzhen. You can pay inannual的名词 cash or by credit card directly to Lions Club Offi入党申请书2022ce in Shenzhen, or transfer to the fannual的名词ollowing account:Accounlion的中文意思t number: 769258620855; Account name: Shenzhen Lannualizedions Club

Contact person for registration
1. Shenzhen Lions Club Office
Contact Person:
Lin Wenjie 25688570&NBsp;   Yi Guofeng 25688576
Financial Contact:
Hou Zhenlian & have spent 25688550     Zhang qing 25688960
Fax: 0755-25688900
Email address: szlions_pub@16人道大圣
2. Shregistration怎么读enzhen Merchants Insoutheast翻译ternational Traeast数据vel Co., LTD.
KeJunKai & have spent 0755-25833312   13322982250
Miss wu & have spent 0755-25833351   13902485601
Miss Ming & have spent 0755-82463715   13322983350

3. Shenregistrationfailed什么意思zhen Domestic and International Travel Serregistration翻译vice Co., LTD. (do not enter shopping shops)
Chen Xiaopeng & have spennoticedt   0755-83167776   13602647700
Welcome lion friends to registernotice!

1. Schedule of the 53rd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference
2. Registration form for the 53rd Far East and Southeast Asilion怎么读a Lion Annual Conference
3. 5-day tour schedule of A1 Group (Slion怎么读henzhen CITS)
4.A2 Group 6-day tou入党流程r Itinerary (Shenzhen CITS)
5. Tour B (5-day tour) (CITS S入党动机henzhen New Landscapeast是什么意思翻译e)

Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015
Second Vice Presideeaster什么意思nt:入党申请书范文 & NBSP; ShiJianYong
Chairman of the Internatilionsonal Convention Committee: Dongnotice作文 Shige
Executive Chairmen: Wang Shanying, Zho入党申请书2022u Haisong, Xu Gang
Sregistration翻译成中文eptember 25, 2014

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