New Security Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2019-2020

On February 19, 2020, The New Security Service team of Lions Club shenzhen held the eighth captain team meeting and regular memeetingyou是什么意思eting of 2019-news2020 via Tencent video conference. Shenzhen lionservice是什么意思中文翻译 yun-peng zhao, chairman of the second partition, the first 12 district chairman Wu Jinzhi, group deputy head Chcaptain怎么读en Zong, xinan service captain zhi-jian wu, second deputy captain liujun, vice captain yuan-yueighth翻译an zhang, the third former captain Zeng Zhao provinces, WuWenKang, secretaryservice liu some, financialeighth基数词 le hai first, team members of the team Li Xia etc. 39 people were prnew的反义词esent at the meeting. The meighth什么意思eeting was presided over by Li Jun.

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Atsecurity翻译 the regular meeting, each member introducteam是什么意思翻译ed hsecurity翻译is/her own health protection situation, the working status of his/her enterprises and the development ideas and direction of the industry aftersecurity灯闪怎么回事 the epidemic.

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Captain Wu zhijian expressed condoservice是什么故障灯lences to each NSSS lion friend and his famieighth怎么读ly through a video, and reported to them the situation of NSSS epidemiccaptain音标 preventheldion and control services. At the smeeting是什么意思ame time, he bregular的所有形式riefed the service activities andservice的名词 meeting arrangements of the NEheldenW Securitregularly意思中文翻译y Service teammeeting是什么中文意思 in the second half of this year, wishing an early victory in the battle against epidemic prevenewgroundsntion and control.

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Luqin expressed his apprsecurity怎么读eciation for lion friends’ contribution to epidemic preventiregular翻译on services.

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Premeetingssident Zhcaptain什么意思中文ao yunpeng said that during the epidemic, the New Seteamscurity Seeighth英语怎么读rvice team should stick to both lion work and epidemic prevenservice怎么读tion. At the same time, he called on lion fnewriends to actively register for the new team captain team members.

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Captain team meeting, we discussed thservicebioe service team election matternewss. Wu Jinzhi anewlynd Wu Zeighthhijian expressed theiteamor intention to run for directors of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2020-2021, which was supported by the team leader.

The epiregularly意思中文翻译demic shows great love. Lion frieeighth是什么意思英语nds have said that they will takeservicebio practical actions to dedicate their own a piece of love, assumheld的中文意思e a social responsibility.


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