The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the longchuan flood relief service

Flood ruthless lion friends have love

-- The Lions Club of Shenzhen provided relief services for the Longchuan flood


On June 19, The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated a batch of emergenc龙船花的养殖方法和注意事项y relief materials worth 350,000 yucluban to the flood-stricken深圳大学 area of Longclaunchedhuan County, Heyuan city.

On the night of June 9, heyuan city suffered severelaunched怎么读的 floods due to heavy rain, and Lianping andlions读音 Longchuan counties becameservice的名词 the hardesservice和serve的区别t hreliefit areas.

When one party is in troubleflood, eight parties help. The Lions Club of Shlion是什么意思enzhen immediately activated the emergency plan and organized service teams in Pingshan, Hualin, Shangbu and Jinxifloodsu to c深圳风险等级arry out emergency disaster re深圳市最新疫情lief and assistance. On June 18, The 2018-2019深圳 President of Lions Club shenzhen ma Min presided over the opening ceremony of Longchuflood怎么读an Coclub怎么读unty flood relief, and arranged the Longchuan County Flood emergency assistance team of Lions Club Shenzhen to purchase rice, eight-treasure porridge, mineral water, emergency lights and othe深圳天气r emergeclubmed官网预订ncy supplies worth 120,000 yuan. 2,000 sets of exquisite new children's clothes and 90 sets of marching mattresses worth 230,000 yualions的音标n were sent to the disaster area.

On June 19, shenzhen Lions Club Lo龙船花的养殖方法和注意事项ngchuan county flood emergency assistance teflood是什么意思am handed over emergency深圳风险等级 aid matelaunched的中文意思rials to lo龙川天气ngchuan County Charity Federation, and then the county civil affairs bulions翻译中文reau unified distlionsribution of disaster area people. The Shenzhen Lions Club also held a symposium with longchuan county officials. Longchuan county party committee and derelief动词puty county magistrate Huang Chunpeng, county investment promotion bureau chief LuoXiaoLong and dlion是什么意思eputy director of the Zeng Haizhen, county civil aserviceffairs bureau deputy director wu eservicemanliminationclubman of strong, chariclub是什么酒ty federation secretary general Zhong Zhenqiu, shenzhen lions, 2018-relief翻译2019 annual partitiolions怎么读n ming-xia sunservice和serve的区别, supervisors dao-ming wang, chairman of tfloodedhe 17, 2019-2020 the partition elect chairman Wei Xin new lion friends to participatclubmane i陇川天气n the symposium.深圳疫情

Luo Xilion是什么意思aolong, director of the Introduction of the El Nino phlaunched是什么意思enomenon, Longchuan suclub怎么读ffered for several days in a row in a hundred years of heavy rain, the county and town have different degrees of flood disaste龙川天气r, landslides, road collapse and other disasters, the disaster situati龙船花的养殖方法和注意事项on is very serious. Aboufloodingt 160,000 people in the county werfloodgatee affected, and 110,000 pelionsople were transferred, resulting in direct ecolongchuannomic lossclubmed官网预订es of 340 million yuan.

Sun Mingxia, chairman and general coordinator of tclubman是什么牌子车he event, Yu Wanqun and Chen Jiandu of The Hualian Slaunchedervice int深圳疫情最新消息roduced the situation of the disaster relief in Heyuan, and expressed sincere sympathy to the people in the disaster-stricken area on behalf of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, wishing the people in the disastfloodser-stricken area overcome d陇川天气ifficulties as soon as possible and rebuild their beautiful homeland. Appeal to tlion是什么意思中文翻译he community to actively extend a helping hand, to help people in the disaster area through the difficulties.

Entrusted by President Ma Min, the Lions Club longchuan County Flood Emergency Assistance team of Shenzhen went to the Lions Club Heyuan Representative Office of Guangdong provinceclub to communicate and express condolences on the flooserviceabled assistance services.

As of press time, shenzhen Lions Club pingshan, Hualin, Lion Love Football, Xili, Central District, Shangbu, Shenzhen Bay, Yantian, Jinxiu, Charity collection, Zhengdao and other 18 serviclions的音标e teams anlion是什么意思d cclub用英语怎么说aring lion friends have actively donated 253,266 yuan to heyuan flood.



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