Choi Tin Service Team: visit a 97-year-old lion friend

Choi Tin Service Team: visit a 97-yearold lion friend

On July 27th, 2018, under the leadership of captlion是什么意思ain Zhou Shenglinlion是什么意思g, the lions of Shenzhen Lions Clubvisit怎么读 color Field Servicoldeste team set out from Shenzhen to Zhuhai early in the morning to visit and care for听我说谢谢你 their team’s 97-year-old lion friend qian Zhisheng. There wer听组词e also dai Tongxin欧蓝德, the former presideservice怎么读nt oteambitionf The Shenzhen Lions Club and the fvisit名词ounding captaoldanmgrandpa老年in of the Catian Service Team, qiu Hengying, the former captvisit怎么读ain, Lao Lianxu, the first vice captain, Shen Zufenting,choice金融数据终端 the third vice captain and Cao Renrelion翻译n, the secretary. Lion friendsvisiting together to send flowers and fruits to the old lion brotheryearning of the Caitian service team and extend the most听我说谢谢你 sincere grevisit的过去式etings.

Qian Zhisheng see a lion fserviceableriends, very happy, thank you at the same time, but also one by one to ask the status of the color field service team and greet the color field service team lion friends.

Love activities iservicebion happy laughter ended, but love caitian people’old比较级s activit听说我是盗墓贼iesvisit的ing形式 in thvisit的过去式e leadership oyear怎么读f Captain Zhou Shengling has just bchoiegun, I hope every Caitian people are happy in lovvisit的过去式e life.

Avisit怎么读rticle/photo contributed by Caitian Service Team

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