Splendid Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election change

Splendid Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election change

On August 19, 2018, the inauginauguralural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Splendid Service Teaholdingm was helservice是什么意思中文翻译d at Minzhi Fangzhou Restaurant in Longhua New District. Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Preceremony造句sident Ma Min, former President Wang Jinliang, District presidents Tan Fei, Chen Qunhao, Luo Junping, Jinxiu service team captain Sun Jinping, last captain Xie Wenke, first vice captain Cao Hinaugural翻译ui, secsplendid翻译成中文ond vice captain Tse, third vice captain Wang Xiservice是什么意思ngpeng, team leader Qiu Zhaojuhold不住n, former captain Zhou Fuhui, secretary Tian Changhai, financial Wang Zhe, general affairs Steamou Lijun and other lion friends, family members and social caring people a total of more than 230 people attended the cceremony造句eremony. In the leadership of the lion friends witness, Xhold键是什么功能ie Wenke will be captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Sun Jinping. The ceremony was presided over by Zhou Fuhui and Han Rong.

Before the ceremony, all tservice怎么读he lions of the Splendid Service team marched onto theteam是什么意思翻译 stage with their heads held high.

Captainsplendid什么意思 Xie Wenke delivered the 2inaugural address翻译中英对照017-2018 annual work report. From 2017 to 2018, the Splendid Service team carried out 17 activities to help stuteamprodents and the disabled, with a total service fund of 335,200 yuan. In order to thank Casplendid是什么意思英语ptain Xie Wenke for his contribution to the Splendid Service Team, tceremony翻译he members of the splendid Service Team 2017-2018 team leader held Xie Winaugural address课文pptenke high excitedly and congratulated xie Wenke on his satisfactory answinaugural翻译er sheet and successful graduation.

The last captain of the team presented certificates of commendinaugural是什么意思ation to the lteam是什么意思翻译ion friends and social caring people who madservice是什么故障灯e contributions to the Splendid Service Team, thanking everyone for their support and dedication.

Under the joint witness of leading lion friends, lion friends' families and socialhold是什么意思 caring personage, Xie Wenke handehold是什么意思d over the ribbon and bell hammer, which sceremony同义词ymbolizeceremony同义词 hosplendid的名词nor and responsibilitceremony和celebration的区别y, to Sun Jinping. The two captains exchanged gifts to show respect and gratitude.

Captain Sun Jinping introduced the 2018-2019 work plan, and emphasized that the service team should be "prsplendid的名词agmatic" oriceremony翻译ented when conducting chceremony造句arity activities, and try its best to help more pesplendid是什么牌子ople.

Bad Ma Min chairman delivered a speech, praised the words of Mr Sun captaielection是什么意思n when doing the annual work plan, with a praceremonygmatic style of work, keep in mind that the mission of the New Year andinaugural address翻译中英对照 its own responsibility, and said that area will fully support Mr. Sun captain student projects, hope splendid service all the lion friends, as alwayholdings, support Mr. Sun captain, actively participate in community service.

Photo by Su Lijureelectionn/Tian Changhai

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