Central District Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2019-2020

On February 19, 2020, the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of the Central Service Team for 2019-2020 was held on Tencenservice翻译t Conferencedistrict. Xiao Xingping, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhang Xuwen, leader of cencentral和center区别tral Service Team, Wang Xiangbo, second vice leader, zhao Hua, secretary and 18 other people attended the meeting. Zcaptaindarkhang Xuwen presidedistrict什么意思d over the team meeting and Zhteams会议ao Hua presided over the regularcentral&kitty meeting.

At the team meeting, Captain Zhang Xuwen first extended her New Year greetings to everyservice和serve的区别one and briefed the parteams会议ticipants on the situation of the service team in the pastcaptain的意思 month. Shcentralizee thanked the lion friends for theiteamworkr dedicationcentral, efforts andmeeting翻译 money tomeetingtencentcom assist the frontline medical workers in Hubei province with epidemic prevention supplies. She suggested thameeting是什么意思t tservice的名词he team rdistrict是什么意思英语eturn its prevention and control work to the Shenzhen area andeighth基数词 pay more attention to those in necaptain缩写ed of care. Finally, all team members report their sicaptain泰国演员tuationmeeting翻译 and that ofeighth their families. In Hubei Yichang Zigui County Wang Xiangbo, the second vice captain in his hometown self-isolation can not return to deep, but fortunately the whole fateamomily together, safe and sound, we wimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ll rest assured.

At 8:30 PM, the eighth regular meetiservicemanng of the central district service team was held as scheduled. Captain Zhang Xuwen reported the situation of epidemic prevention services carried out by the service team in the central district in the past moteamonth,centralize and commended xiao Xingping, Xu Qiubin, Xie Yan, Wang Xiangbo, Xie Zhuling, Wanservice是什么故障灯g Xiaoying, Hou Qingkai, Yuan Qingtong and otherdistrict lion frdistrictiends for theireighth怎么读 great love. Particupheldipants introduced themselves and their families, exchangedcentralised greetings and wished each other safety on the video.

Lion frcentral parkiends in their hometown of Yili, Xinjiang province, showed theirmeeting是什么意思 friends the cold weather outside their window and the warmth of their home through a video. In the work report of the lion friends, the lion friends learned that every year when She went back to hecaptain什么意思中文r hometowheldn, she would reprteamworkesent her compmeeting是什么中文意思any — Shenzhen Yinfutong Enterprise Management Cocentralisednsulticentralng Co., Ltd.captain怎么读 to donate the Spring Festival sympathy monmeeting是什么中文意思ey to the subsistence allowance families of yili Fourth Agricultural Normal School. This year, she donated a total of 141,000 yuan to 47 low-income familiecaptain缩写s, which coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. She also donated 10,000 masks, 7,000 pairs of medical gloves and 1,000 pacentralisedirs of goggles, worth more than 80,000 yuan, to the Fourth Agriccaptain泰国演员ultural Normal Universcentralisedity Hospitalservice是什么意思.upheld Not only that, Yuifeng also took the initiatregularive to join the commudistrict词根nity volunteer team, to assist the property to do aheld中文 lot of work.

In Hubei Yichang Zigui County Wang Xiangbo second vice captain, as the hometown poverty alleviation secretary, also actively joined the epidemic prevention and aeighth什么意思nti-epidemic work in the front line, to assistregular的名词 vilservicemanlageeighth cadres stand guard, temperature check, management of villagers access and other worservice的名词k. Xie Zhoulcentral翻译ing, theteam什么意思 third vice captain, donated 6,000 ycaptain什么意思中文uan to buy 500 pairs of goggles to Yunmeng Hoteamspital in Xiaogan city, Hubei Province. Xiao Xteambitioningping’s motheteamsr-in-law, who is over 80 years old, is still donating supplies to themeeting是什么中文意思 front line ofupheld fighting agheld怎么读的ainst the epidemic in Hubei province. She donated 1eighth读音,638 protective masks to three hospitals, with a total value of 9,828 yuan.

They talked about their efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, and their ordinary love was touregular的所有形式ching. Regardless of age, recentral是什么意思gardless of position, rheld过去式和过去分词egardless of the amount of money, the lion friends of the central distrieighthct sereighth怎么读vice team are always concerned about thteamviewere epidemic area, and only hope to do sometcaptaindarkhing within their power.

At the end of the two-hour regular meeting, we experienced a different kind of space meeting, shared heaservicemanlth and health, passecentral&kittyd the love and friendship,district felt the blessing and care, very warm.


Article/photo & have spent Cencaptain翻译theld怎么读的ral District Service team

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