Notice | about resolution of part is not normal service

Notice | about resolution of part is not normal service

Service teams:

In order to strengthen the mananotice是什么意思gement of the service teams and create a healthy and active service team, Shenzhen Lions Club made the following decisions on sservice的名词ome abnormal service teams according to the invespart是什么意思tigation of 37 abnormal service teams conducted by the Guide Lion Club and the second board of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Cresolution可数吗lub in 2017-2018:

1. Sixservice和serve的区别 service teams, including Haida, Huasheng, Youting, Donglin, Shiying and fnormalizeree Trade Zone, will be cancelled. Among them, members of the bonded area service team are suggested to transfer to the small same service team, and the remaining members of othenormallyr service teams are suggested to transfer to other service teams. The relevant work shall be communicated and coordinatserviceed by the guide lion Group and the chairmen of corresponding districts.

Second, temporresolutionarily retain the name of Huaqiang Service Team, and strive to rebuild the team.

Three, seven stars, in the long run, thaboutcg网站e nature, the son, ridge top, relevant, wutong mountain, set sail, the sun, it is good, is located iabout怎么读n mangrove bay, quotservicemaning, Victoria towersserviceable, treasures, set, gold, gold lion love football guangdong, minteq, punch, jie cheng, taoyuan, peng, shekou, tightsen, Gospel, pine torches, lily, rainbow,service的名词 huaming, love, such as 30 service in the zone, chairman of the partition, Strparticipationive to reacpartsh 25 members before December 20, 2017; If the number of members does not reach 25 by March 31, 2018, the board will review and deal wservicebioith thnotice的固定搭配e proposal again.

Shenzhen Lions Club

November 25, 2017

Attachment:Resolution on partial irregular service teams

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