Notice | about lions in 2017-2018 enrolled in shenzhen lecturer training notice

Notice | about lions in 2017-2018 enrolled in shenzhen lecturer training notice

Dear Lion frieaboutnd,

This is to hold the lions Club Shenzhen 201lion是什么意思7-2noticeable018 Annual Lecturer Training otraining衣服品牌n December 16-17, 2017. The relevant arrangements are hereby notified as follows:

A, & have spent Time:Decembtraining翻译中文er 16-17, 2017 (Sat/Sun)

Reportlecturers for the first training a深圳大学t 08:00 on December 16th and start trainilionsng at 09:00 on time.

Second, & have spent Location:A hotel club in Shtraining衣服品牌enzhen (TBD)

Three, &lions翻译中文 have spent Application conditions:Current or former team leader, more than 3 years of lions experience, love lions club, determineabout-faced to serve lions in thlecturer是什么意思e lecturenotice的固定搭配. recommended by 2 lecturers.

Four, & have spent Degree Quota:No more than 20 students (until the quota is full, the admission order will be determinetrainingd accordabout怎么读ing to the order of appliclecturer是什么意思ation inenrolled the straining怎么读ame case)

Five, & have spent Deadline for registration:Dec深圳天气ember 9, 2017 (su深证指数bject to the tiabout翻译me of submittin深圳大学g the application form t深圳市最新疫情o the Email address of the Instructonotice过去式r Group)

Six, & have spent Equ深圳市最新疫情ipment requirements:

1. Lions Club red Lion dress (for group photo) and comfortable casual wear.

2. Bring your oenrolleeswn laptop.

Seven, & have spent Class credits:Absent more than 1/3 May not graduate

Eight, & have spent Registration contact:Lecture Group Executive Senrolled翻译ecretary & NBSP; Liabout怎么读 Xiang snoticehi Jie 13923833383

        Registratioenrolled怎么读n email:

  &ntraining是什么牌子bsp;     Head teacher: Brother Wu Zijianshi 13537lions翻译599058

Nine, & have spent Cost:

1. Training fund oenrolled怎么读f Shenzhen Lions Club and sponsorship of Lion Friends;

2. Students will pay for their own accommodation and meals. Students pay after they areabout是介词吗 accepted. Fees to be notified.

Please fill in alllions的音标 contents of the application form (Attachment 1) in detail and sign and send it to the registratilecturerson contact person by email or email. Innoticecomplete infortraining造句简单mation may affect the admission.

Welcome ttraining是什么牌子o join the lecturing group, and work with us to help you learn and grow, and promote the brilliant lion深圳大学 careeenrolleer!  

Notice is hereby gi深圳大学ven.


Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 Instructor Traabout-faceining Application Formnotice

Shenenrolleezhen Liolions翻译中文ns Club 2017-2018

Branch & have spent        

December 4, 2017

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