Notice | about in domestic lion federation 2021 excellent public service project Micro video show activities of the notice

Service teams:

According to the notice of the Domestic Lion Association (hereinafter referred to as thedomestic读音 Lion Association), in onotice的固定搭配rder to fully display the service achievements of the Lionabout-face Association, effectively publicize the brand serlionvicabout翻译e projects of the Lion Association, better present the colorful and distinctive service activities carried out by lion friends around the country, and further establish tlion的音标he healthy sociapublic怎么读l public image of the Lion Association, The Service Activity Committee of THE Federation and tnotice同义词he Public Relations and Publicity Committee planotice作文n tliono jointly ornotice作文ganize and carry out the micro video solicservice是什么故障灯itation activity of 2021 excellent public service projnoticeableectabout. The relevant arrangements of the activity are hereby notified as follows. All service teams are welcome to participate actively.

I. Activity nlion的中文意思ame

Domestic Lion Association 2021 public service project micro video exhibition.

Second, thedomestically翻译 themeexcellent of the activity

"Wei Shi Chuan Lion love Service Exhibiexcellent最高级tion".excellent 什么意思中文

Iii. Requirements fdomestic是什么意思or micro-video works

1. Subject: show the association brand service projects and brand service projects arnotice翻译ound;

2. Content and purpose: Explain the cause,about翻译 purpose, significance, value and brief plan of branabouttime免费观看d servicpublic是什么意思e through micro-video, establish the imapublic怎么读ge of brand senoticedrvice project, and play the role of promotion;

3. Duration: 5-8 minutes;

4. Clarity: above 720P;

5. Formafederation什么意思t: MP4 or MOV.

Iv. Collection time: from now until December 3, 2021.

Fifth, the work applion是什么意思reciation activity process

1. Works for

Shenzhen Lionsservice的名词 Club issued a notice to solicit micro-video works.

2. Art applionkkreciation

The public relations and Publicity Committee of Shenzhen Lionexcellents Club will organize adomestic读音 discussionlion怎么读 group to appreciate the works, recommend 3 outexcellent什么意思standing works and 5 outstanding works, and submit them to the associaservice是什么意思tiopublic404html乱n for exchange and exhibition. Excellent works will be exhibited and broadcast on the official website and other network platfodomestic是什么意思rms.

3. Appreciation of works of the Association

The service activities Committee and the Public Relations and Puabout是什么意思blicity Committee organized a discussion group and recommennotice用法ded 10 outsdomestic反义词tanding works. Excellent woaboutcg网站rks will be communicated and exhibited on the official website and other network platformsservice的名词.

Vi. Registratiexcellent中文翻译on methodexcellent and Contact:

Please send your work to NBSpublicationP by December 3, 2021.

Contact: Yuaabout后面动词什么形式n Yuan, Executive Chaexcellent 什么意思中文ir of public Relatdomesticallyions and Publicity Committee of Lions Club of Shenzhen, 2021-2022. Tel: 18588201931.


Welcome all servicnotice用法e teams and lion club friends to participate in and sign up to spread the positive enenoticedrgy of shenzhen Lidomesticateons Club brand service!  



&nservicebiobsabout怎么读p;                                       &naboutbsp;               &nexcellent的名词bsp;           Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;      

          &lion是什么意思nbsp;                                                   November 24, 2021 & NBSP;  

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