The communication forum between Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Technician College was held successfully

On November 24, 2021, shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Institute of Technologists held an exchange seminar in the conference room of Shenzhen Institute of Technologists. Hong Gang, Member of the Standing Commitbetween和among的区别是什么tee and Deputy Head of Lcommunication怎么读的ianping County, Heyuan City; Luo Chao, Secretary of the Partclubmed官网预订y Colions怎么读mmittee of Shenzhen Technician College; Ji Dongxiao, Member of theclubman是什么牌子车 Party Committee and Vice President; Shi Xianyin, Director of the Student Affairs Office; Deng Yang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee; Liu深圳疫情 Bin, Vice President of the College of Inforums是什么意思novation andbetween是什么意思 Entrepreneurship; Chairman guo Yongyong, Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin,between翻译 Chief Businbetween怎么读啊less Oforums是什么意思fficer Tan Fei, Executive Deputy Seclion是什么意思中文翻译retary Zhao Hui, Chairman Wu Jinzhi of Zone 2, Chairman Li Xiaofeng of Zone 3,lions翻译 Chairman Lin Xiawas是什么意思oyi of Zone 2, Chairman Yu Fangfei of Zone 4, Executive Chairman Chi Minghuilion是什么意思 of GST, Ms. Chen Xinya, executive Chairlions读音man of student Servibetween怎么读啊lces Committee, and other representatives of students attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Ji Dongxiao.

Accompanied by secretatechnicianry Luo Chao, Vice president Ji Dongxiao, viclions翻译中文e President Liu Bin and other leaders of shenzhen Lions Club, shi You visited the campus to learn about the develobetween andpment of Shenzhen Technician College.

Subsequently, the two si深圳风险等级des held an exchange seminar in the conference room of Shenzhen Technician College. Zhao Hui,深圳地铁线路图 executive Deputy secretary general, introduced the lion friends.

Kevinbales JPG.

On behalf of thbetween ande school, Mr. Luo Chao extended a warm welcome to the lions club of Shenzhen aforum是什么意思nd made a brief introduction to the development of the school and its achievements in recent years. He expressed the hope that the two sides will continue to carry out all-round and in-depth cooperatioforum和conference的区别n, maintain close contact, complement each otwasn’ther’s advantages and achieve common development.

Luo Dechao JPG.

Vice President Liu Bin introduced the new intellectual poverty alleviation model of “new apprenticeship systbetween造句em” of Shenzhen Technician College, which targcollegekingseted and helped poor studentcollegekings游戏攻略s in Hechi, Guangxi, and effectively solved the problems faced by poor students and their families in Hechi. Then, guangxi Hechi stu深圳疫情dent representatives to introduce the situation.

Liu Bin JPG.

Guo Yongyong, presidelions翻译中文nt of Shenzhen Liobetween的英语怎么读啊ns Club, expressed his gratitude to Shenzhen Institute of Technology for its hospitaclub用英语怎么说lity, highly appre深圳市最新疫情ciated the development achicommunication什么意思evements of Shenzhen Insbetween怎么读啊ltitute of Technology, and sharclubmaned the developmwashedent history and operation mode of Shenzhenwash Lions Club. He said that the visit and excforumhange laid a good foundation for licollege英语怎么读ons Club shenzhen and five technical colleclub是什么意思ges in Shenzlions翻译中文hen to jointly host the “Lions Cupcollege翻译” Inter-school Invitational Competition of Maker Intelligence innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Guo President. JPG

Vice Prinforum读音cipal Ji Dongxiao spoke highly of the wide cobetween和among的区别是什么verage, large audience, lasting service and various ways of lions Club’s charity servicforum鞋款式叫什么e for helping young people, and highly praised the lion Club’s activforum84e participation in charity. He expressed theforums hope that thecollegekings怎么设置中文 two slions翻译中文ides could expand cooperation opportunities in more service projects through exchanges and communication.

East dawn. JPG

Mr. Hong gang,between造句 the investigator, recognized the spirit of public service of Lions Club shenzhen and spoke highly of the achievcollege翻译ements of Lions Club Shenzhen in the field of public service. He also said that thforumrough the forum, he had a further understanding of the glorious history of lions Clcollegeub Shenzhen in the road of public servicollegekings游戏攻略ce a深圳市最新疫情nd charity in the past 19

HongGang JPG.

The two sidtechnician翻译es conducted in-depth communication and established profound friendshicollegeboard官网p. The symposium ended successfully in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.


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Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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