Love Service Team: hold the 2020-2021 inaugural ceremony and shahe Disabled Persons' Federation joint sympathy activity

On August 7, 2020, the inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 inaugural session of the Shenzhen Lions Club Love Service Team and the joint syteamworkmpathy activity of shahe Diteamssabled Persons' Federation was held in Shahe Disabled Persons' Feteams会议deration, Nanslovely翻译han District. Shahe street party working committee officeservice和serve的区别, vice minister cai-hong huang, the livelihood of the people, disabled persons' federation director Liu Yan shahe str沙河视频eet, domestic reprhold onesentative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lion li wh, first secretary of the party branch, Pceremony怎么读resident of shenzhen liolove直直播appn, zhi-qiang lu, c沙河hief financialinaugural address翻译 officer NieXiangDo沙河视频事件ng, deputy secretary-general Fang Shilei, xiao-ping yu, chairman of the partition, Wu Jinzhi, Dong Jun, wang lina, Information technology committee chairman Su Yoteams手机版uhua, assistive JiKeLin, director of the committee chairman jian-hua su, guide the lion lion forest projeclove is gone英文翻译t committee,ceremony翻译 executive chairman of Zhang Zhihe stylistic fellowinaugural address翻译ship committee, executive chairman of Mr Chen, student services committinaugural addressee executive director Cao Linling, gr沙河天气oup deputy head GanJianJun, lionhold on friends care coceremony翻译mmlove is gone英文翻译ittee, executive chairman of xiao-hong Lin, As well as the lion frilovealarmends and their families atten沙盒ded the cereteamworkmony. Under the witness of all lion friends, Wang Lina handed over the hammer and scepterservice翻译 to Zhou Weiping. The ceremony was chhold不住aired by Yan Shiyong, yan Shiyong and Meng Chun.

At 3 PM, a沙盒ll the lion friinaugural翻译ends of poai Service team enteteamviewerred the stadiholdum withhold的过去形式 cheers and applause, and the ceremony was officially kicked off.

In the past year, under the leadership of wang Lina, the poai Service team has carried out a series of public welfare services an沙河天气d achieved remarkable results. Wang Linhold的过去形式a, the team leader of the last team, gave a report and led us to review the unforgettable year 2019-2020, which strengthened oservice和serve的区别ur determination and confidence to do a good jobholding in public welfareteamviewer in the New Year. Last year, the membership retention rate of Poaishahe Servihold翻译ce t沙和尚eam was 90%, and it pledged a Huashi award, and carried out public serviceremony怎么读ce activities such as student aid activities in General Village primary school in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, assistance activities in Shahe Dhold的过去形式isahold是什么意思bled Perso沙河视频事件照片ns'ceremony Federation, anti-epidemic services, diabetes puteamoblicity activities, Studenteamst aid activities in Haceremony的名词imen, Jiangsu Province, and student aid trip in Yuanjiang, with an annual investment of 560,000 yuan.

Afterwards, Wang Linteam是什么意思翻译a presented the special contribution Award, Outstanding Member Award, Outstanding New Talent Award,holding ouceremony的音标tstanding Lion Friend Award, caring indiservice怎么读vidual award, caring enterprise award, exceremony复数形式pressing the most sincere respect and heartfelt thanks. Members of the Love Service team paidservice怎么读 tribute to Wang Lina, the last team leader, for her great love in 2019-2020. "I love you like a mouse loves rice,"holder they all shouted.

In the sceremony复数形式cene of leaders lion friends and guests witness, Wang Liceremony的音标na will be the hammer and scepter handed over to Zhou Weiping. Forceremony和celebration的区别 Captain Zhou Weiping, this means that he will be responsible for the development of the service team and shoulder the mission of leadiinaugural是什么意思ng li沙盒游戏on friends to do a good joinaugural addressb in public service.


Captain Zhou Weiping delivered the inaugural speech,ceremony awateamworkrded the appointment certifihold不住cates to the new team members, and led them tinaugural addresso deliver the inaugural commitment. Captain Zhou Weiping took office at the beginning, smug, high-spiritloveed, determined to complete 100% of the annual plan. He said that in the New Year, he would lead the sinauguraladdress课件pptervicteam什么意思e team to achieve 70% attendance rate ofceremony用什么介词 member activities and rserviceableegular meetings, 90% of memblove最新版官方下载ers retained, more than 3 huashi award phold的过去形式ledges, and the annual service funds raised 300,000 yuan. He wshaheishes the lion friends hapserviceablepy service and good health.

On the scene of the event, boai Service Team and dream Service teamteamviewer donated 520 Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to the registered disabled of Shahe Disabled Persons' Federation, and doteam是什么意思翻译nated 500 YUAN to each of the registered 10 families in extreme poverty, with the serinauguralvice funds of 100,000 yuan. Vice Minister Huang Caihong and director Lhold翻译iu Yan sincerelceremony同义词y thinaugural address翻译anked沙河视频 the Love service team finaugural addressor eight years to shahe Disabled Persons' Federationinaugural address课文ppt as always help.

First Secretary Li Weihua and President Lu Zhiqiteamang spoke highly of the change of the poai Service team in the service, fully affirmed the sinaugural address课文ppttrong cohesion and excellent execution of the PoAI service thold是什么意思eam, and hoped that the poAI service team would make continuous efforts and become more and more excellent.

"Happy sehold键是什么功能rvice, health", Poai service teaceremonym embarked on a new journey under the leadership ofinaugural address Capthold onain Zhou Weiping. Thanks for the support and help from all walks of life to the public welfare cause, and wish the PoAI Servteamviewerice Team better and better on the road of public welfare.


By Li Guilin

Photo沙盒/Chen Weiming

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