Yantian Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2019-2020

On August 28, 2019, the third regular meeting of Yantian Service Club of Shenzhen Lions Clu盐田b 2019-2020 was held in the conference room of Hthird音标ongtu Building, Hhelduangbiwei, Yantian District. Shenzyantianhen lions club treasurer Peng Daojian sm, long-term step, yantian service captain Tim cheung, the preservice是什么意思中文翻译vious capservice翻译tain Ding Hthird什么意思ongzhe, first deputy captain Xue Wthirdeirong, vice captaregularly意思中文翻译in meliz third, former captain kang-rong li, Zou Ruitang, secretary Wu Peiqing, financial Pemeeting怎么读英语ng Jinchuan, general li-hua yi, sergeants-at-arms Luo Jinrong, captain Xie Jianlan team members, such as yu-min liu 19 pmeetingyou是什么意思eople wereservice和serve的区别 present at the meetingserviceable. The mmeeting怎么读英语eeting was chaired by Mr Xue Wai-rong and Ms Yi Lihua.


Yi Lihua gave a speech tservice是什么意思hanking the former captains for attending the meeting. Captain Zhang Hanning solicited the lion friendheld是hold的什么形式s’ opinions on the specific arrangements of the activities, such as caring for the disabled friends of “Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station” and the elderly in welfare homes, and xinjiang Mandarin Education trip. Lion friends spoke actively and gave suggestions for optimizing the details of the activity. Xue Weirong first vice – captain proposed to invite the launch, wutong Mountain service team to jointly carry out servic盐田港e activities. Effective comheldmunication was carried out in a pleasant atmosphere.


Pmeeting翻译eng Daojian, chief financial officer, introducemeetingd that he led the caring enterprises and lion friends to Xiheld的中文意思njiang on September 2 to carry out the fund raising and activity arrangethird音标ment of “Xinjiang Mandarin Student Action”.

Article/photo Contributed by Yantian Service Team

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