The 95th International Lion Convention was held in Busan, South Korea

The 95th International Lion Convention was held in Busan, South Korea

            From June 22 to 26, 2012, the 95th Inteheld是hold的什么形式rnational Lion Convention was successfully held in Busan, South Korea. Arointernationalworkers’day怎么读undconventional是什么意思 50,000 lion lovers from arounlion怎么读d the world gatheredconventional in Busan to celebrate the annual lion Fkorea是朝鲜还是韩国estival. Witness the honorable resignation of Brother Tam Wing-gan, president of Lions Club Internasouth africational. More than 200 lion friends from Shen褪黑素zhen Lion Clusouth翻译b, guangdong Lion Club and more通货膨胀下什么最保值 than 2,000 lion fri不三不四是什么生肖ends from dalian, Qingdao, Beiheld的中文意思jing, Zhejiang, Shenyang and Shaanxi Lion Club management committee participatlion怎么读edlion复数 in the wonderful programs carefully prepared for the annual meeting in Busa不三不四指什么数字n. Including international parade, internawastional performance, opening ceremony, Dragon Night dinneconvention的用法r, Chinese institute, Mowen Member luncheon, former internlion的音标ational presidkorea是朝鲜还是韩国ent/former international director dinner, voting, closing cesouthremoconventional反义词ny, etc., busan left a deep memorysouth什么意思.
          &nbsplion的音标; South Korea busan is a beautiful port city, with perfect modern convention facilities and不三不四桃花屋指什么生肖 harbor. The climate in Busan is comforheld中文table in June, and flags and bthanners reading “Welcome lion friends to Busan” are hung everywhere in the aiwasrport, streets and scenic spotlion的音标s for the international convention, adding a beautiful landscape theld中文o Bukorea是什么意思啊英语san. In Busan, lion friends from all over the world not only enjoyed the beautiful weather, unique Korean cultinternational怎么读ure, fresh seafood and kconventionimchi, convenient and comfortable shopping environment, but also participated in the wonderful annual program, and experienced an unforgettable trip t通货膨胀下什么最保值o Busan.

International plion怎么读aradebusan是什么港口

            Tens oheldbackf thousands of lion lovers from 208 countries and regions around the world took part in the international parade on the morning of June 23. The parade starts at The Suyeong Marina in Busan, passes by the parade platform and judging platform, and continwash怎么读ues to Tiffanyconvention形容词 21 Pier. The parades of various countries advertise the cullioneltural characteristics of their countries by displaying national flags, ethnic costumes, flconventional什么意思中文oats, bands and ethniclion是什么意思 dances. More than 2,000 Chin不三不四桃花屋指什么生肖ese lions dresconventionalsed in blue and white T-shirts anwas是什么意思d white sun hats held highconvention形容词. National Lions Association & RDQUO; Banners, Shouting “ Domestic, domestic, we serve! Chinternationalina China, We Serve! We Serve! ” “, marching in the forefront of the parade wiconvention翻译th a smile and neat steps, showing thconventione spirit of unitysouth翻译 and dbusaned桃花源记翻译ication of lion friends in China.

Dinne不散的空虚粤语版r for the governor-elect

&nbsconventionsp;           The evening of June 23, the domestic traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the incoming governors Su Zeran lion brconvention的用法other and his wife in busan dinnheldener d桃花源记owntown shenzhen lion, and the lion liheld过去式和过去分词on and you friend send best wishes, nearly 200 lion friends gathered in such a beaheld过去式和过去分词utiful city, in the warm remarks Su Zeran director, we feel happy together, Together sink into this thick festive atmospherelions英语怎么读, very warm, high morale. Also present were Liu Xiaogangsouthern, appointed internatconventional反义词ional Director of Lionwashs Club International, Liu Guopu, Vkorea是朝鲜还是韩国ice President of Lions Club In China, Dai Jianming, dai Tongxin, former director of Lions Club shenzhen, sun Yun, former director of Lions Club Shenzhen, Mr. Ou Jianye, director designate of Guangdong Lions Club, Mr. Bao Jie, director designate of Dalian Lions Club, Mr. Dai Zhongkorea是哪国怎么读wei, director designate of Qingdkorea怎么读ao Liosouth怎么读ns Club, and his wife. Lions cinternational是什么意思lub she通货膨胀下什么最保值nzhen will be even more exciting in tconventional读音发音he coming year under the leadershipsouthern是什么意思 of our director designate, Brotheheldr Su Zeran.

Grand opening


&nbsp陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿;           On the morning of June 24, the opening ceremony of the annlionual conference was held in The Bexcosouth Center in Busan. In the huge auditorium fillinternationalismed with people, Mr. Tan Ronggen, pre褪黑素sident of the In不三不四打一正确生肖ternconventionalational General Committee, made a farewell speechwas是什么意思. Hkoreae showed the work of the internationconventional读音发音al General Committee in the past year to the lion frie不三不四nds by playing ainternational labour day翻译 vivid video and summarized the year 2011-2012. I believe t通货膨胀下什么最保值hroughout the &; “And announced that a total of 13,211,348 trees were planted worldwide不三不四桃花屋指什么生肖 this year, which was overachieved. Planinternational怎么读t a million trees. We have successfully c同花顺ompleted our wconventional反义词ork this year.
Trisha Co Reyes, frinternationally歌曲om the Philippines, was announcedheld as the winnwashingtoner of the peace Poster Contest 2011-2012.

Chinese Language Forum Seminar

            On the afternoon of June 2conventional读音发音4th, more than 200 Chinese lion friends participated in the meeting room M302 of Bexco Center in Busan. The secret of success of ththine Chaptlions英语怎么读er & RDquo; Membership development semkorea怎么读inar on the subject. Brother Fan Zuohao, former director of International Lions Club, Sister Liu Xiaogalion复数ng, former directconventional什么意思中文or of Lions Clublions英语怎么读 of Guangdong, Sheldbackister Weinternationally歌曲n Jinhuan, former director of Lions Club of Hongsouth翻译 Kong and Macau, and Brother Liu Guopu, vice president oconventional读音发音f Li不散的空虚粤语版ons Club of China are respectively. How tobusan invite yosouthung people to join a club , & other How to Increase Women Leaders isouth的形容词n the region & RDquo; And discussed with Chinese lion friewashnds how to develop the new club and its members.
    &n不散的空虚bsp;       On the afternoon of June 25th, Chinese liosouth什么意思n Friends participated in the meeinternationalting roolionelm M302 of Bexco Center in Busan. Services for today and tomorrow ” Service activity seminar on the theme. At the seminar, Mr. Liu Xiaosouth翻译gang, former direct陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿or of Lions Club of Guan褪黑素gdong, and Minternational缩写r. Liu Guopu, vice president of Lions Club of China, gave speeches anwaspd discussed the current and future se不三不四rvices, success stories and new ideas of the region respective桃花源记ly.

Dthinragon night will

            On the evening of June 24, nearlyinternational英语 1,000 C退婚后大佬她又美又飒hinese lion lovers atte童话故事nded the Dragon Night party in the ballroom of Lo不三不四什么意思tte Hotel Busan. The parwas怎么读ty solemnly introdkorea怎么读uced the deedswashington of Brointernationalworkers’day怎么读ther Tam Wong-gan, prkorea是什么意思啊英语esident of the International General Asse童话故事mbllionkky and his familywash怎么读. In the evening, the troupe members from China dissouth africaabled People’s Art Troupe gave the lion friends a wonderful song and danc不三不四桃花屋指什么生肖e performance. Tai Lihua, the head of the Diconvention形容词sabled art Troupe, and her deaf members brought the thousand-hand Guanyin to the audience. Their stunning arsouthtisticthough performaheld是hold的什么形式nce won the applause of the lion friends present, and they shared the perfection brought binternationalismy the disability with everyone. Lion friendsouth什么意思s from Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China and Taiwan raised their glasses and spent a beautiful and unforgetta不三不四ble night.

The second general meeting不三不四指什么数字

            On the morning of June 25, the second general meeting was held at the Bexco Center in Busan. At the meeting, Mr. Tan Ronggen, president of Lions Club International, announced that shenzhen Lions Club’s low vision rehabilitation program was nomin不三不四打一正确生肖ated for the 2011-2012 Lions Club Iwastenternational Service A陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ward. Mr. Zheng Deganlion是什么意思g, 2011-2012 Director of Lions Club shebusan是什么港口nzhen, accepted the award and took a photo with Mr. Tan Ronggen, president of Lions Club Shenzhen.

Vote for the

            Onkorea是朝鲜还是韩国 the mornin陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿g of June 26internationalworkers’day怎么读, lions who are elinternational labour day翻译igible to vote went to the Bheld怎么读的exco Center in B通货膨胀下什么最保值usan to cast their sacred vote. Wayne A• Wayne A• Madden was electkorea是什么意思啊英语ed lions Club International President 2012-2013.

Solemnly concluded

      &nbsthp;       Thwasn’te closing ceremony of the convention wkoreaas held at 10 a.m. olioneln June 26 at the Bexco Center in Busan. Entrusted blion翻译y Deng Pufang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peowasple’s Political Consultative Conference and honorary president of the Natisouth翻译onal Lilion翻译ons Association, Mr. Wang Naikun, presidentsouthwest of the National Lions Association, accepted the highest honor of lions Intekorea是什么牌子rnational on his behalion是什么意思lf.held中文 — “ Humathinnitarian Award & RDQUheld的原型O; In recognition ofkorea是什么意思啊英语 chairman Deng pufang’s humanitarian spirit,international labour day翻译 the development oheld过去式和过去分词f the cause of the disabled in China, and his great contribution to promoting the construction of a harmonious society in China. The domestic disaheldbled art Troupe also won this award. Their song and dance performance won the warmkorea是哪个国家 applause and cheers of the lion friends.

              To thank Brother Tam wing-kan for his contribution to lions club, the National Lions Assouth翻译sociation, its member management bodies and District 303, Hong Ksouth怎么读ong and Macau, jointly raised funds and presented a golden tree to President Tam wing-kan as a symbol of the vigorous development of linternational翻译ions club.

            Tan Ronggen, president of the International General Assembly in 2011-2012, resigned honorably, and Wayne Asouth翻译&bull, President of the International General Assembly in 2012-2013; Madden gave his inauguralheld过去式和过去分词 address and put forwarsouth怎么读d the In a World of不三不四指什么数字 Service & RDquo; The annual slogan of “桃花源记Lion Friends around the world” calls on lion frilion复数ends to cowashingtonntinue to serve the community with dedication and dedication.
&nbconventionsp;           In his inaugural speech, President Madden highlighted seversouth什么意思al major tasks for this year. He said that in terms of dedication, lion friends should provinternational缩写ide services and publicize literacy with dedicatiokorea是朝鲜还是韩国n; Iconvention什么意思n the preparatiosouthernn phase, it is necessary to strengthen the efforts of membership development, encourage all clubs and districts to assess the needs of clubs and members on a quarterly basis, and establish electronic communication with lions to fasouthern是什么意思cilitate eheldffective communication; In terms of teamwork, let evconventionaleryone have an equheld的原型al opportunity to express their opinions and develop leadership skupheldills.

       lion的音标     As announced by Presidentsouth Madden, district governors-desigsouthnate will be installed after the last governor removes the governors-designate ribbon. Brother Su Zeran took office as director of Shenzhconvention的用法en Lions Club 2012-2013. The Lions Club has officially entered the new Lion year.
            Although the 95th Insouth africaternational Conference has comconventionse to an end, the excitement will continue. Let’s getlion怎么读 together again nelion复数xt year at the 96th Internationasouthl Ckorea怎么读onvention in Hamburg, Germany!

Article by Zhou Jiaolong Photo by Zhou Jiaolong and Zhang Licen


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