15 shenzhen lion friends have been appointed to the special organizations and international lion affairs of the association

15 shenzhen lion friends have been appointed to the special organizations and international lion affairs深圳疫情最新动态 of the association

Reclionsently, the Dofriends美剧mestic Lion Assspecial怎么读ociation issued the “Notice on the ibeenzinonternational lion work” and “notice on the 2017-2018 spelioncial institutions work”, published the list of international lion work and the domestic Lion Association 2017-2018 special institutionsbeen是什么意思 work list, a total of 15 Shenzhenappointed翻译 lion friends hold relinternational怎么读evant positions.

In the “Notice on the appolion翻译intment of lions Intfriends怎么读英语单词ernational”, four posts related to lions International w深圳疫情最新消息ere announced,been是什么时态 including the vice president offriends是什么意思 the National Lions Assbeenociatioorganization是什么意思中文n andbeenetwork the former president of the Shenspecial什么意思zhen Lions Cluappointed是什么意思bLin ZiyuServe as GMT Domestic regional Coordinator.

In t深圳he notice on the appointment of specialifriends是什么意思zed Agencies for 2017-2lion的中文意思018, the list of the appointment of the specialized alion的音标gencies of the Nationabeenetwork最新版本l Lions Association for 2017-2018 was published, and there were 14 of themShenzhen lion friendsChairmanship, vice-chairmanship or secretary-general in 10 specialized agencies. Respectively is:ShiJianYongVice Chairman of China Lion Fund Management Committee,Gao xiaolongSecretary General of China Lion Fund Management Comm深圳疫情ittee;XiaoXingPingVice President and Execlionutive Vice President of Zhongshi Public Welfare College;Zhang GuojunServed as the chairman of C深圳天气hina Lion Public Welfare Advisory Commitbeenthrough歌曲tee,Sand)Vice Chairman of China Lion Public Welfare Advisory Committee,Cao YanSecretary general oflion的音标 Chinfriends怎么读英语单词a Lion Public Welfare Advisory Committee;WengHuaVice Chair深圳大学man of organizationalspecial什么意思 Construction and Development Committee;Zeng Shi raiseVice Chairman深圳 of forganizations翻译oreign Exchange and Annual Conference Committee;Zheng DegangChairman of the Law and Systems Committee,Liu guoliangVice-chairman of the Law and Systems Cinternationalismobeenmmitspecialisttee;Li YuehuaSecrelionfishtary general oflion的音标 the Finance Committee;Zheng HehuaVice Chairman of the Carilionsng and Fefriends怎么读语音播放llowship Committee;Lin TaoVice Chai深圳rman of the Honor and Recognition Commitfriends翻译tee;Party ffriends怎么读语音播放ull of pineVice Chairman of the Peacappointed翻译e Posspecializationter Committee.

Let us extorganizations翻译end our warm clionongratulations to the above 15 Shenzappointed是什么意思hen lion fribeenends who have assumed their positions in internatio深圳疫情最新动态nal lion work and Domeinternational翻译stic Lion Association.


1. Notice on Torganization是什么意思he Appointbeenmentorganizations of International Lion Affairs issued by The Domestic Lion Association

2. Notice of 2017-2018 Special Instbeenzinoitution Appointment issued by China Lion Association

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