Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 certified lion guide training and lion guide internal training started smoothly

Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 certified lion guide training and lion guide internal training started smoothly

From August 25 to 26, 2017, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and organized by Lion Guitraining怎么读de Group, the 2017-2018 certified liguidelineon guide training and lion guide internal training o深圳大学f Shenzhen Lions Club opened in Lansley Bedi Hotelionkkl, Dameisha, Shecertified翻译nzhen. A total of 106 formelionsr or current leaders of the se深圳疫情最新消息rvice teams of Shenzhen Lion瑰的拼音s Club participated in the training, among whilions英语怎么读ch 68 took parlions音标t in the certified lion guide training and 38 took part in the internal lion guide training. The training aims to cultraining是什么意思英语tivate more certified lion guides and improve the skills of the certified lion guides to coach the new service teams and abnormal servilions英语怎么说ce teams.

Domestic lion federation vilion是什么意思ce-chairman Lin Ziyu, President of shenzhen lions in 2017-2018, tian wang xing, superviscluborsguide怎么读 long wu归德侯府 xm, the last President ShiJia深圳疫情最新消息nYong, first deputy chailion怎么读rman深圳大学 Ma Min, second deputy chairman Zeng Shi WengHua, secretary-general zhang jian, chiecertified是什么意思f financial officer, deantraining是什么意思英语 of general affguideair Peng Daojian lion friends to attend the training such as leadership, and focertified是什么牌子r the students to encolion的中文意思urage and blessing.

Tialionsn Xing will ring the bell to start the class and congratulate the p贵的拼音articipants. We hope that you can checlub是什么意思rish this learning opportunity, become深圳天气 a qualified guide lion, ancertifiedd make positive contributions to the construction of the new innovation team aclub翻译nd the support of the wea贵的拼音k team.

Vice President Lin Ziyu, Supervisor Wu Xiaoming, first Vice President Ma Min and second Vice President Wenguidelineg Hua also gave speeches on stage, hoping th深圳疫情最新消息at the students could learn the skills of lion guide seriously and work together to strengthen the management of the service team and promote the sound development of the service team as an excell瑰的拼音ent lion guide.

Lilionfish Feng, the leader of the lion Guidlions英语怎么读e group, introduced thlion翻译e CGL cu深圳市最新疫情rriculum system in detail, and the intensive training officially beglions翻译an. Guide of the lion Li Feng speaker “CEP create” and “thclub翻译e power of charity”, the second partitilionkkonguideline, GMT, coordinator of the ray in shenzhen area, ctraining造句hairman of the htraining翻译d onguideline “service reconstrucliontion”, deputy regtraining是什么牌子iment changninlions英语怎么读g spring xu on “team” development guidelines, deputy chief of Wan Chaolin speaker “lion training design guide”, deputy chief of dao-ming wang spetraining怎么读aker “guide lion resolions英语怎么读urces”, Deputy head of wang cheng on “the art of successful guide lion”, deputy chief of Zhang Jinghua speaker of “the logic between the team and operation process” excelltraining造句ent courses, such as covering the excellent guide lion skills, guide the lion vision, mission, values,guideline process and specification, accompany with the guidance of acertified怎么读 team, not the healt深证指数h service support, lions and specification of the characteristics of coclub是什么意思ntent.

In order to be龟的拼音tter enhance the awareness of lions normlions是什么意思s among the tra深圳市最新疫情inees and promoclubmante the healionlthy and stable deve鬼灯的冷彻lopment of the service team, the lion Guide iclubsnvitelion是什么意思d Mr. Zeng Shiyang, secretary general of Shenzhenguide怎么读 Lions Club, to share the theme of “Lions’ Domestic characteristics and Standard Management”.training衣服品牌 Once the secretary-general combtraining造句ined with backgrclubsound of the birth of lions in Chilions读音na mainland, management mode, governance structure, implementation and appellation specification five aspects analyzes the domestic ftraining的动词eature of “lion”, and from the lion, the propaganda work, the service of communication activities and financial management from four asp鬼灯的冷彻ects, in combination with the examples this paper expounguide是什么意思ds the lion serviclubman是什么牌子车ce work to the specific requirements of the standard managelionsment, Let participants in lion training understand the importance of standardized mana深圳疫情最新消息gement on the basis of understanding tlions英语怎么读he development history of llionelions Club.

Earnest rig深圳疫情orous thering is no lack of again humorous, instructor will international lion lion lion of theoretical guidance and shenzhen for many years experience in guiding a team combination, through the vivid case analysis, the construclubmed官网预订ction of the clever knowledge framlionsgateework, “the lion’s confusion” and “lioclubn”, such as workshops, lead the students in think深圳天气ing and interactive access to knowledge and skills of the lion.

At the graduation ceremony, President Tian Wangxing presented graduation certificates to the students and took a group ph瑰的拼音oto. He thanketraining衣服品牌d the lionlion翻译 Guide for their hard work and congratultrainingated you on your graduation. He hoped that the trainees could apply the training contclubmanent to the standard management of their service teams, so as to build more healthy and active service teams for Shenzhen Liclub用英语怎么说ons Club.

The lion guide training is shenzhen Lions club since the founding of the most particlionkkipants, the strongest teacheclubmanr training. Guide lion group hard preparation for the students presented a gclub是什么酒luttlions英语怎么读onous feast of knowledge. For those who have just finished their studies, their road to guide tguidehe lion is about to set slion是什么意思ail. After completing and submitting clionertified lion Guide assclubmedignments to Lions International, they wlions是什么意思ill be ctraining的动词ertified alion怎么读s certified Lion Guides and will深圳疫情最新消息 betraining翻译 responsible for mentoring new anshenzhend irregular service teams for the next two years until the mentees can develop independentlclub怎么读y. They will lead the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club to create a new chapcertified翻译ter of “serve the future and enjoy the love of lions”!

[Text] Offiguidelinece Jin Jing

[Photo] Ma Shilionxun, Jinming Service Tealions怎么读m, Hong Shenglong, Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfetraining衣服品牌n

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions鬼灯的冷彻 Club Office

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