Notice on the collection of works in shenzhen Exhibition area of the 2017 National Children’s World Peace Poster Collection Activity

About holding the 2017 national Youth World Peace Poster Solicitation activity

Notice深证指数 of collnational翻译ectioareal00是什么型号n of works in Shenzhen Exhibition Area

Dear L深圳天气inotice是什么意思on friend,

To better develop the city children love world peace, love the concept of global villagarealmee and harmonious life, cultivating socialist core values, the childrnoticeden gradually understand the meaning of the world peace, nati深圳疫情最新消息onal stability, through colorful children drawing, snational是什么意思how the children desire for world peace and vision, guide tnotice是什么意思he childrennational day love peace, love the earth, love life. According to the domestic Lionworks翻译 Associatiworks作品单复数on, the Domestic Artexhibition的动词ists Association children’exhibition英语s Art Committee, the Domestic Education Society, the domestic academy of Fine Arts jointly issued the “on the honotice是什么意思lding of the” 2017 nachildren’s day翻译tional children’s World Peace Poster works solicitation activitexhibition和exhibit区别y “spirit, the relevant arrangements are now notified as followsexhibition翻译:

I. Background of the evechildren的名词所有格nt

Lions International hnotice用法as held the international Peace Poster Contest since 1988. It has been held 29 times andnotice的固定搭配 will be held 30 times thinotice的固定搭配s yenotice过去式ar. Every year, an average of nearly one million children aged 11-13 from 65 countries and regions participanoticedte in this event. The National Lions Association has organized the “Nationotice过去式nal Children’s World Peace Poster Works Collection Activity” for five consecollectionscutive times, and selectedworksheet children’s works to participate in the international Peace poster competition, whi深圳疫情ch has won the “Global Prchildren音标ize” of different years. “Peace, Love and Understanding” by Qian Weijin from Dalian and “Snationalityhworks作品单复数aring Peace” by Zworkshop翻译hu Yu Mo from Dalian won the title of “Global Champion” for two consecutive years in 2014. In 2016, the Naarealmeticollection接口onal Lions Association won 5 global Awards for outstandiworkshop是什么意思啊ng work.

Shenzhen lions club at all levcollection的衣服贵吗els of officialworks翻译s and enthusiasts from all walks of life support, since 2004collections to participate in international peace campaign poster cocollection接口ntest, and has been a huge success,works nearly more than 50000 shenzhen division little painter to participate in the game, the seeds of peacechildren翻译 in every children to play in the heart, the concept of peace is also associated with the children grow up together. “Give Peace a Chance” by Zeng Weicheng from Shenzhen Nanshan Experiment in 2004; 2007 “Peacearea怎么读 is all over the World” by Li Jchildren英语怎么说iazhen from Shenzhen Nanshan Experiment; “Imagine Peace” by Mai Qianqian, a primary school scollection怎么读tudent from Shenzhen, in the 2012 competition; “Our World, Our Future” by Lin Yu in the 2013 Compnational祝庆etition; “Peace, Love and Understanding” by Huang Yinhao in the 2014 comworkshop翻译petition; In 2015, Wu Yiyang’s “Share the Peace” won the Global Best Work Award.

Ii. Organizational stnational dayructure

(I) Sponarea在c语言中的意思sor:

Shenzhen Disabled Perworkshop是什么意思啊sons’ Federation

Sexhibition是什么意思英语henzhen Lions Club

(2) Undertaker:

Shenzhen Lions Club Peace Poster Commit深圳大学tee

Shenzhen Lions Clcollections下载ub service teaexhibition怎么读ms, Essence Securities

(iii) Co-organiz深圳天气ers:

Art institutions, schools, youth palaces

Iii. Theme and requirements

(I) Theme: “A Peaceful Future”

With “Peaceful future” as the theme of the year, we guide children to exprearea可数吗ss their peace ideals and good wishes through painting.

(II) Key pexhibition英语怎么读oints of evaluation: originality, artistry, theme presentation and performance

(III) Participants:

Group A: Children aged 11 to 13children是什么意思 (born between Novemb深证指数er 16, 2003 and November 15, 2006) can partnotice作文icipate for free. The entry card should clearly indicanoticedte theworks怎么读 date of birth of the author.

Group B: Children aged 8-10 (born benationalitytween November 16, 2006 and November 15, 2009)area可数吗 can participate for free. The entchildren怎么读ry card shounational dayld clearly indicate the author’s birthday.

(IV) Work requiremnotice的固定搭配ents:exhibition翻译

1. Hand-painted plane works, form, performaareal00是什么型号nce techniques are not limited (note: with chalk, powder crayon, charcoal work must be fixed spray treatment to avoid daubing), the wonotice的固定搭配rk shall not be pr深圳疫情ocessed by film layer.

2. The size is not less than 33*50cm, not more than 50*60cm, nonotice need to mount.

3. There shall be no words or numbers on the work, ancollection本子库c94d it shall not be made by computer.

4. The submitted works must be original works, not replicas. Each student can only submit one work, and each work is designed and produced by only one sareastudent, with no more than one supervinationalitysor.

5. A深圳市最新疫情 copy of stcollectionsudent’s ID card or household register shouldareas be attached to the back of the work.

6. Attacnotice的固定搭配h the “Registration card of Participating Works” (see Attachment 2) to each work, fill in the creation instructions and copyright instructions (on the loareaswer rightexhibition是什么意思英语 corner of the back of the worareal00是什么型号k).

7. All participating units shall submit the summary form of the participating woarea怎么读英语rks (see Appendix 3).

Iv. Activity Arrangement:

(I) Launching Ceremony (August 19, 2017)

On August 19, 2017, a promotional display was held at the Lions Club’s 2016-2017 tribute and 2017-2018 inaugural ceremony in Shenzhen.

(2) Peace flash MOBS (September 21, 2017)

On the International Day of Peace深圳, 14 districts across the country held simultaneous peace flash MOBS.

(III) Guidance and Creation Stage (August 19, 2017 to October 28, 2017)national是什么意思

The Peace Postechildren的名词所有格r Committee followed up andnoticed coorexhibition和exhibit区别dinated the progress of the actiexhibition怎么读vity. Each school organization arranged and organized the participating teachers and students to carry out creative activitinotice过去式es. The Peace Poster Committee and enotice的形容词ach service team conduarea是什么意思英语cted trnational是什么意思aining and communication for the relevant instructors to guide the students’ creation.

(4) Shenzhen Exhibition Area Evaluation Stage (November 8, 2017)

On November 8, 2017, a review meeting was held in Shenationality怎么读nzhen Exhibition Areaexhibition和display的区别. Recommend 30 excellent works (1 grand prize and 29 first prize) to parworksticipate in the National Children’s World Peace Poster Competition.

(V) Natworkstationional Evaluation Stage (mid to late November 201notice的固定搭配7)

In mid to late November 2017, experts will be selected to sexhibition的动词elect 14 special winners and 200 selected works.

(VI) Global Evaluation Phase (From December 1, 2017 to January 2018)

At lionsnotice的形容词 Club International headquchildren是什么意思arters. Entries should be sent to Lions Headquarterscollection是什么牌子 by November 30, 2collection游戏攻略017 (subjnational空调ect to local postmark). One of the recommended grand prize wonotice是什么意思rks will be selected in the global finshenzhenal, and the final result will be notified by Lion深圳疫情s Club Inteworks怎么读rnational.

(7) Award Ceremony (November 29, 2017)

The award ceremony of Shenzhen Exhibition Area (Exhibition Area 1) will be held on November 29, 2017. The specific location willworkstation be further announced.

(vichildren怎么读ii) Exhibition ceremony of national Competitiochildren英语怎么说n area

In June 2018, the exhibitionationaln ceremony of “2017 national Children’s World Peace Poster Collection” will be held in Xi ‘an.

5. Shennoticeablezhen Exhibition Area Award Setting and reward Method:

(I) Group A:

Specinational是什么意思al award:1, 6000 RMB bonus, 3000 RMB tutor bonus; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Firsworkstationt prize:29 stworks2产品idudents, bonus of 1000 RMB, tutor bonus of 1000 RMB; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Second prize:50 students, bonus Rareal00是什么型号MB 200, tutor bonus RMB 200; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and cworkshop翻译ecollection怎么读rtificates of honor.

Third prize:60 students,area在c语言中的意思 100 YUAN bonus, tutor 100 yuan bocollection的衣服贵吗nus; Students and tuareastors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.


The grand prize will be sent to lions International headquarters to participate in the global finals as the reprenotice的形容词sentative work oexhibition怎么读f Shenzhen Exhibition area, and have the chance to win the global championworkspace and win 5,000 USD;

The grand prize works and the first prnotice用法ize works will be promoted to participate in the 2017 National Children’s World Peace Poster Competichildren是什么意思tioncollection游戏攻略 and have the chance to win the peace poster related awards of the National Lions Association.

(B) Group B:

First prize:5 candidexhibitionsates, bonus RMB 1000, tutor bonus RMshenzhenB 1000; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Second prexhibition和exhibit区别ize:10 students, 200 RMB bonus, 200 RMB bonus for tutor; Studentscollection的衣服贵吗 and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Third prize:20 studearealments, 100 RMBnotice作文 bonus, tutor 100 RMB bonus; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Vi. Contact person for soliciting works

1. Shenzhenworks Lions Club

Lin Qinglong (chairman of pecollection游戏攻略ace Poster Committee), tel: 13902435441

Shan Liyue (Executive Chair of peace Poster Committenoticee), tel: 13902963116

Yingni Lai (Executive Chair of the Peaexhibitionce Poster Committee), tel: 13602353150

Zhang Yaworkspacezhong (Executive Chairman of peace Poster Committee), tel: 13554975829

Zhu & have spenexhibition什么意思t   Hong (executive Chairman of peace Pos深圳市最新疫情ter Committee)exhibitions, tel: 13602516996

Tung Ho-ching (Executivnational是什么意思e Chairman of peace Poster Commi深圳天气ttee), tel: 13902923578

Tranational怎么读语音播放cy Lee (Executive Chair of the Peace Posternotice过去式 Committee) can be reached at 13600440831

Mailing address:

13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Lin wenjie (office officer), tel: 25688570,15017929829

2. Shenzhen Disabled Persoworksns’ Federation

Zhang xingwei (staff member of publicitnational翻译y department), tel: 82485794,1area怎么读英语5999691647.

Please attach great importacollectionncechildren音标 to the service teams, highlight the theme, strengthen guiworks怎么读daarea翻译nce, actively orgaexhibition英语nize the work of the cocollection接口mpetition, and arrange the competitiocollection接口n as soon as possible.


1. Notice on “2017 National Children’s World Peexhibition和display的区别ace Poster Collection Acworkspacetivity” issued by China Lions Associati深圳天气on

2. Entry registration card

3. Summary table of entries

Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation

Shenzhen Lions Club

August 29, 2017

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