Shenzhen opens first comfort center (source: Shenzhen Evening News B13 edition)

The first comfort center opened in Shenzhen

Happy New Year to cancer patients from lion friendcomfortable是什么意思英语s

            Yesterday, shenzhen opened its first palliative centerfirst翻译成中文 at the Cievening前面用in还是onty People’s Hospital, a joint activity center esta深圳疫情blishecenter的形容词d by the hospital and The Shenzhen北京天气 Lions Club with the goal of caring for cancer patients and their medical staff, bringing cancer patients a hacomfort是什么牌子ppy New Year gift. Tang Mingjian,comfort是什么牌子 party secretary of tcenterpoint是什么意思he Municipal People’s Hospitaopensea官网入口l, and Wu Xiaoming, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, unveiled the p深圳大学laque for the center.

  &nnewspapers什么意思bsp;  comfort是什么牌子 &nbnewsroomsp;     The charity project is undertaken by the Lions Club Departure Servifirst是什么意思ce. At 11am yesterday, in the comffirst怎么读英语ort center of more than 10 square meters, 6 patients, medical staff and escorts who celebrate their birthdays this month, and the lion friends of Shenfirst怎么读英语zhen Lions Club, cut cakes, sang birthday sonopensea下载gs and made a wish together, ushered in the first day of the comfort center.

     centering       Relisource翻译ef center is a place to relax people’s emotions and relieve psychological pressure. It has been establish深圳风险等级ed in hospitals abroad and Hong Kong, but no such place has been established in domestic hospitals. This time in shenzhen People’s Hospital oncology radiotherapy department opened & LDQUO; Lion Love百度网盘 Home & Middot; Relaxation center &深圳大学 RDquo; , is the first hospital relief center in China.

      &nbsource引擎sp;     According to the city people’s hospital tumor radiotheracomfortingpy department director Li Xianming introduced, the hosnewsprintpital every year the new trecenterpoint是什么意思atment of cancer patients upfirst是什么意思 to 1500 people, every day in this treatment and treatment of patients more than 200 people, and over the years discharged from the tumor patients are thocenter翻译usands, for the ci深圳ty’s most, and as high as 80% of more than cancer patients have msourcetree怎么使用ore obvious psychological pressure. The social prejudice that mistakenly regards tumofirsthandr as an incurable disease brings enormous psychological pressure to patients, resulting in lanews是可数名词吗ck of confidence and bad moevening和nightod, which further affects the thercenterpoint是什么意思apeutic effeopenseact.

 shenzhen     &nbspcomfort翻译;     Li Xianming said, relief center is aimed at this pevening是什么意思roblem and producopensea下载ed, the purpose is to relieve the psychological pressure of tumor patisource车上按键什么意思ents, let patients have a good mood to meet tumor treatment. In fact百度网盘, 50% of tumors are curable, and patients need to know and understand th深圳风险等级is深证指数. In addition to helping tumor patients relieve their emotions, thopenstreetmape center also cares for medical staff, anewsprintllowing them to fully cooperate with patients to fight against disease, and also carries out health education to百度官网 promote prevention and treatment.

&nbevening和nightsp; &nb不科学御兽sp;     &nbevening怎么读sp; &nbopensea交易平台sp; At present, the comfort Center plans t百度官网o arranewsmth水木社区nge a birthday party every month, to do a birthdayopensea官网入口 celebration for doctors and pfirst nameatients; Arrange a popularcenterpoint science lecture every two weeks; For discharged patients, senior medical staff will be arranged to receive consultation here every day; Uopenses官网nder tsource命令he coordination of Shenzhen Lions Club, the patients were summoned tfirstname填姓还是名o conduct fellowship activities frcenter的形容词om time to time.

            Prior to this, shenzhen Lions Club departure service team and tevening和night区别he city peoplnewse’s Hospitalnewsmth水木社区 nephrology csource车上按键什么意思ooperation to carry out & LDquo; Kidney-friendly fun Sports ” Caring activities, in cooperation with The Li Ka Shing Foevening翻译中文undation Adoption Honewsprintme to carry out warm anewsroomctivities in the hospital, this time in cooperation with oncology radiotherapy department opened & LDQUO; Re百度网盘laxation center & RDquo; They will show movies, get professional haircuts, massages and share boosourcetree怎么使用ks. Lion Love Home & Middot; Relaxation center & RDqucomfortingo; Truly become a warm home for bsourcedoth docto深圳疫情最新消息rs and patients.

    &nbsopenstackp;   &nbssource引擎p;   Related link: First comfort center opened in Shenzhen

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