Lions Yantian Service team visits needy families (source: Shenzhen Evening News B13)

Lions Yantian Service team visits needy families

          &nbsservice是什么故障灯p; Shevisit是及物还是不及物nzhen Evenlions英语怎么读ing News (reportelions英语怎么读r CAI Zhijun) January 17th afternoon, Shenzhen Lions Cvisits怎么读lub Yantian service team & LDquo; Lion feelings ” In 2014, the Spring Festival consolation activity was launched. President Shajintao led more than 20 members of Yantian Service team to deliver warmth to more than 180 households of subsistensources是什么文件夹ce allowance in Yantiansource车上按键什么意思 dineed用法和搭配strict, and the consolation fund was about 50000 yuan.

        &nbspneed音标;   Established in November 2002, Yantian Service Team is one of the earliest communi深圳市最新疫情ty service teams. For nine consecuvisit是什么意思tive years, yantian service team has visited local subsistence allowance families and maintaineteamod stasource翻译ble service activities. The teamlions的音标 has good interaction with local authoneedy是什么意思rities. The annual service activities are planned and tlions怎么读argeted, with fixed time, place and object. We will stick to it for a long time and form the brand service projsource的中文意思ect ovisit三单数形式f Yantian Service Team.

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