“God Bless the Talented” Student Aid Program launched (source: Shenzhen Evening News: B13 edition)

“ God bless the talented ” Start of student aid program

          &nbsgodliep; Shenzhen Evenbless怎么读ing News (reporter CAI Zhijun) January 10th morning, Shenzhen Lions Club Tiande service team & LDqblessuo; God bless the talented ” The laubless名词nching ceremblessedony of tgodshe finantalented的名词cial aid program was held at Shenzhen Fine Arts School. Twsource车上按键什么意思elveprogramming students who have good grades but are fstudent是什么意思rom poor families received financial aid to continue their dream of stgodivaudying.

&nb深圳疫情最新消息sp;         “ God bless the talented ” Student projects are lions day’s service and tgodlieo undertake, educatalented和talent的区别tional funds from the day’s sebless名词rvice to the lion lion friend loving people and society, following the project fund special fund is special, worstudent的复数形式k in a way that will pass wiblessing世界版th love,student和pupil的区别 all aid-receiving s深圳风险等级tudents have agreed and commitment isource翻译n the futureprogram worlaunched的中文意思k, hatalented翻译ve the ability when they return after graduation by just following thtalented的固定搭配e project or givinprogramme怎么读g corresponding love package, Let the love education program continue, and can help more students in need. A one-time donation of 160,000 yuan will be made for the launch cetalented和talent的区别remony.

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