On the recommendation of the 14th Shenzhen Care action love model, annual care events, annual promoters notice

On the recommendation of the 14th Shenzhen Care action love model, annual care events, annual promoters noticmodel翻译e


Disti桃花源记nguished Council members,

In order to practice the core socialist values, promote the spirit of Shenzhen, establish advanced models, and c深圳疫情最新消息ommend good deeds and deevents翻译eds, the “Notice on recommending the 14th Shenzhen C深圳are Action Model of Love, Annual Care Events and Aactionscriptnnual Promoters” issued by the Shenzhen Care Action Organizing Committee Office, Shenzhen Care office officially launched the 14th Shenzhen Care actiaction翻译on selove最新版官方下载ries selection activities. Council members are invited深圳 to actively recommend representalovelytive and demonstrative love models (including caring figures and caring eannual的名词nterprises), love events and annual promoters in therecommendation是什么意思ir respective direcommendation翻译stricts, districts and service teams. The relrecommendation可数吗evant notices are as follows:

I. Recommendation carecommendation可数还是不可数tegories

(1) Top ten love figures

He has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakingrecommendation是可数名词吗s for a long time, and has made outstanding contributions in深圳疫情最新消息 disaster relief, helpinannual同义词g the elderly, helping the disabled, helmodel3落地价ping orphans, helping the poor, helping students, helping doctors, and environmental protection. Or the deeds of dedlove最新版官方下载ication of love touching, to promote the s深圳疫情最新动态pirit of care, build a harmonious society, promote the development of care has a model role; Or doing voluntary acts of courage, selflessly helping others, and showing outstanding pereventsformance in rescue and disaster relief.

(ii) Top ten Caring enterprises

Acarefreebidecareful是什么意思 by national policies, laws and regulations, care about the life of employeventsees, gradually improve the workirecommendation是什么意思ng and living conditions of employees, improve their wel深圳风险等级fare benefits, protect their rights and intereaction翻译sts, and timely solve problems for employees; Paying atten深圳疫情最新消息tion to humanistic care, harmonious labor relations, and remlovealarmarkable achievements in spiritual civilization construction; Enterprises that actively participate in social public welfare undertakactiongirls女兵人iannual的名词ngs, help the poor, give generously, and fulfill their social responsibilities with remarkablthe achievements.

(3) Ten caring everecommendation是可数名词吗nts

With high public participaactionabletion, great influence and wide audience, the event is sustainable and innovative in improving people’s livelihood, promoting social innovatiannualon, promoting the perfec深圳疫情tion or formulation of social public policies, promoting public welfare concepts, etc., and has demonstration effect and promotion value for promoting innovaticare怎么读on and development of Public welfare undertakings in Shenzhen.model翻译

(4) Annual prannual英语怎么读omoters

It has made outstanding contributions to the organization and launch of carinaction怎么读语音g action, cannualultural communication, information exchangmodel是什么意思e, project incubation, resource integration and oshenzhenther aspects, innovatively深圳天气 solved people’s livelihood problems, improved the construction of public service platform, and significantly promoted the development and growth of shenzhen Caring Action and the city’s publi深证指数c welfare unannual怎么读dertakings.

Two, recommendation requirements

(actionscript1) Typical deed退婚后大佬她又美又飒s of love mainly occurred in the daily activities period of the 14th Shenzhen Love Action (September to Dmodel是什么品牌ecember 2016), but were not limited to thiactionables period.

(2) The winners of “Top ten Cannual英语怎么读aring Figures” of Shenzhen Care Acticaregiverolove最新版官方下载n will not participate in the selection activities of “Top Ten Caring Figures” in the future. Other categories of nomloveination are not subject to this restriction.

(3) Please fill in the application mat深圳疫情最新动态erials and submit them to the Lionsmodeling Club office of Shenzhen before Febrmodels多少钱uary 4th.

(4) Shenzherecommendation怎么读n Lions Club will hold an executcareful是什么意思ive board meetimodel翻译ng to select various awards according to the application situation and report to the Municipal Love and Care Offiannual英语怎么读ce.

(5) Contact person: Lin Zeyun 25688990, email: szlions_purecommendation可数还是不可数b@163.com

Noticlovealarme is hermodel是什么意思eby gthiven.


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Shenzhen Lions Club

January 22, 2017

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