Twenty-five disabled police officers received Spring Festival greetings

Twenty-five disabled police officers received Spring Festival greetings

Shenzhen Eveningtwenty-first Newofficers翻译s (Reporter Ma Chao intpolice officerern Dong Meitong)
Yesterday afternoon, the 14th Shenzhen Care Action New Year care prtwenty翻译oject 2017 “care for the sick afestivalnd disabled traffic police activity” in nanshan District nanshadisabled是什么意思n Sports center in front of the big square launched. The event was organized by Shenzhen Municipal Office of Love andpoliceman Care,receive的用法和搭配 Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau and Shenzhen Lions Club. The guestfivems distributed gifts and 5,000 yuan for each of 25 traffic police whospringmvc的工作原理 were seriously ill or disabled on duty,disabled的形容词 and brought them festival gretwentyetingspoliceman and best wishes.

Shentwenty是什么意思zhen Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment Nanshan brigade political commissar Yang Shaopeng told reporters, Nanshan traffic popoliceman的复数形式lice is the shenzhen public security system in the silent image of the pay epitofiverr真的能赚钱吗me, nanshapolice是什么意思n traffic police brigade has 1five9股票行情走势图96 traffic police, but the sick and disafestival怎么读英语单词bled police have 32, almost accounted forgreetings可以直接用吗 1/6.

Chai Bin, a police officer in shekou Traffic Police Squadron, was one of them. He was injured on duty in a SPECIAL police detachment in 2006 andisabledd transferred to the traffic police department. “I wanted to be a policeman since I was a child and I wasn’t disappointed in life after my injurpolice是单数还是复数y.” Chai bin said that although he could not stand for long after his injury, hedisabled电脑 was still active in the line of duty. Chareceive的所有用法i broke a bone in his right foot and had it bandaged again in the proctwenty翻译ess of subdufestival怎么读ing a drunk driver who refused to cooperate with the investigation and tried to escape durofficer是什么意思ing the Tiger hunt on January 14.

“Shenzhen traffic pofestival怎么读英语单词lireceive的过去式ce work an average of more than 20 hours ofiverr真的能赚钱吗f overtime a week, working in an environment polluted by heat, noise, dust, lead and radiation,” said Yuan Chengyou, a CPPCC member in Guangdong Province. The prevalence rate of annual physical examination of traffic police is as high as 92%, andreceived怎么读 the lead content in hair is three times that of ordinary people, making them a typical high intensity, high risk, high pressure, high disease and lowdisabled是开启还是关闭 life span ‘four high and low’ group.” Traffic police are injured or disabled on duty. They stick to their posts in extreme bad weather and go to tgreetings可以直接用吗he front line of accidents at any time. It is not uncommon to see casualties in the process of law enforcement and rescue of accident vehicle personnel. Their health sreceived是什么意思hould be taken seriousgreeting什么意思中文翻译ly and cared for by the society.

Original link:Twenty-five disabled police officers received Spring Festival gredisabled造句简单带翻译etings

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