When the care for the disabled was in progress -- Hongya Service Team carried out the caring and condolence activity of Yutang Vocational Health Center in Guangming District

On July 28, 2020, Hongya Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club held a charity and condolence activity in Yutang Zhikang Center, Guangming District, with a service fund of RMB 4,154. The opening ofcarrie的含义 this service marks the official establishment of "Red Lion Clothing Disabled Support Station" in Yutang Street Office. Shenzhen Lioprogressive是什么意思nteamviewers Club will establish a long-term ccareooperative relationship withwhen引导的时间状语从句 Yutangcare什么意思中文意思 Vocationalcarried away Health Center to prodisabled翻译vide assistance services for the disabled in yutang Vocational Health Center.


Chen Zhao 'an, Director of Yutang Streetprogress翻译 Social Affairs Office in Guangming District; Chen Yan, directdisabled是开启还是关闭or of Yutang Career Health Center; So Jianhdisabled翻译ua, Chairman of the Disablewashingtond Support Committee of Shenzhen Lionteam是什么意思翻译s Club 2020-2021; Tang Quanhui, Chairman of the Medical And Health Committee and founding leader of Hongya Service Team; Zhao Nianzhen, Executive Chairman of The Women and Family Growth Committee; Hong Ya service teamcareful是什么意思 captain Li Li,carried怎么读音英语 second vice captain Yang Yongguang, third vice captain Guo Jianhui and other condolent activities.

Lion friends came to the Job health center in advance, organize and arrange material donations. Due to the epidemic, the occupationalwash Health Centerteam是什么意思翻译 was closed for a long time. After hearing that The Hong Ya Service team carried out the care and care service, the oldest aunt Chen came to express her gratitcareful是什么意思udeteams. She excitedly said that the materials donatteam是什么意思翻译ed by the lion friends wewhenre very needed by The ZHK Center. As the foD came in one after an红颜other, thwash怎么读e whole centservice翻译er returnserviceed to its old laughter. Lion friends and foD friends communicate and interact with each other, which further increases their mutuservice是什么故障灯al understanding.


At 3pm, the condolence activity started on time. President Chen Yan first gave a brief introduction to the basic situation and operation status oteams会议f the Center, and told the inspiring stories of foD representatives.


On behalf of Yutang Street Office, Chen红眼病 Zwashedhaoan, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, spprogressivelyoke highly of the "Red Lion costume and Disabled Stationservicebio". He said that the imwhen的用法四种句型prdisabled造句简单ovement of the well-being of thehongya disabled is the true embodimen红颜孽t of building洪崖洞 a harmonious society, which cannot be separated from the cawhen怎么读re and suppo红颜孽rt of social orgcarried awayanizations.

Chairman Scarefreeu jianhuacarried翻译 started from the origin acarend odisabled是开启还是关闭riginal intention ofdisabled电脑 the est红岩ablishment of "Red Lion clothing • Disability Support Station", and summarized twhen是什么意思he current statuswhen是什么意思 of nearly 70 occupational health centers i洪崖洞n Shenzhen. He hoped that more service teams could join this brand p红眼病rojeprogress进度条ct, innovatedisabled是什么意思 the way of helping the disabled, deepen the service for the disabled, and make tteam是什么意思翻译he station a platform for the disabled to keep each other company.

The lion friends of hong Ya Service team also spoke to express their love鸿雁 for the FOD. In the future, the serwhen和while的区别vice team will continue the brand activities, paservice的名词ir up with Yutang Street Occupational Health Center, carry out fixed-point s红岩读后感ervices, provide help to the disabled friends within their power, and mwash怎么读ake positcarried怎么读音英语ive contributions to thecare怎么读 precise assistanccarried one and harmony of the disabled!


The warm atmosphere of the scene is affecting everyone, aprogressivend everyonewhen makes a wish silently in the heart, wishing the job health center to do better and bwashedetter, showing more positive energy of the societycareer翻译.

A hand in hancaregiverd, destined to last forever. Parting heart to heart, so that the first compassion sympathy activity warmth. Hong Ya Service Team and Yutong Vocational Health Cteamworkentre will work together to illuminate each other.


By Yang Yongguang

Phowhen后面的动词用什么时态to/courtcarried什么意思esy of Honwasteya Servic红颜杀e

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