New Security Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony for the 2020-2021 term change

On August 10, 2020, the inaugural ceremony of the New Security Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held at The Antiamylan Hotel in Bao 'an District. President of shenzhen lion, zhi-qiang lu, tteams手机版he last President WengHua, second deputy President Peng Daojian, vice supervisor Tan Fei, financial long NieXiangDong, dean of general affairteams Denghold翻译 Yi, long picket zsecurity怎么读hang jian, deputy secretary-general Fang Shilei, chairman of the zone Wei Xin new, &schteams会议warz, xiao-pinewng yu, chairman of the partition, Xiong Qi, li xiholdaofeng, zhi-jian wu, Wu Jinzhi, wang lina, wang wei, Xue Yong Huang Yiservice的名词qun, souserviceablep, supervisors WuYuQiong, zhu feng, Lin Yanjun, Ye Wenqin, Tang Xishun, Xie Yue, Xiong Tiancheng from Ssecurity车上灯亮啥意思outhern University of Science and Technology, and all members of the New Securisecurityty Serhold翻译vice team attenceremony的名词ded the cesecurity灯亮怎么解除remony. The ceremony was chaired by Liu Jun anteamod presided over by Meng Chun andceremony翻译 Huteamviewer Bing.

Accompaserviceablenied by loteamoud music, all the lion friends of the New Securityservicebio Service team solemnly entered the venue and were warmly welsecurity怎么读comed by all guests.

The chairman of the conference, Thhold键是什么功能e first deputeamviewerty captain of thholdere New Security Service Liunews可数吗 Junming zhong opened the meeting and gave a welcome speech. The chairman of tnew balancehe 10th Distrinewsct wu Jin Zhi introduced the guests.

Last team leader Wu Zhijian reported the annual work, financial le Hai financial report first. Wu Zhijian to the lion friends issued certificates of commendatceremonyion, to love enterprises issued certificates of appreciation.

In the witness of all lion friends, Wu Zhijian will be ribbon and hammer handed over to Li Jun. Captain Li Jnewsun and the former captains of the new Security Service team presented the certificate of appoholderintment to the new team members. Witnessed by the district leaders, the newserviceman team leader was led by Chairman Wei Xinxin to uceremony造句ndertake the inauginauguraladdress课件pptural commitment.

Captain Li Jun reported thservicemane work plan of the New Year. Xinan servicesecurity in the New Yearnew balance, he said, will carry oinauguraladdress课件pptut the concept of "family life", coagulation hearts meet force, President of surrounding zhi-qiang lu, puts forward the precision of poverty alleviahold ontihold不住on, precise assistive, community cceremony怎么读are threholdere key services to carry out the work, do a good job in guteamoangxi baise precision poverty alleviation, take care of the disabled art troupe, blue action and wishes, and a sericeremony怎么读es of service activities, Innewlyspire more people to join the public service teaceremony用什么介词m. Captain Li Jun's annual plan was affirmed and supportedsecurity车上灯亮啥意思 by all lion friends.

In the subsequent dinner, theinaugural是什么意思 aservice是什么意思中文翻译rtnew是什么意思英语istic performance will push the party to a climax, "Fan Ink dance rhyme" dance ssecurityurprised four; The Cservice的名词heongsam show fireworks yangzhou in Marchsecurity和safety的区别 was amazing. Gao Shenghan, Hu Bing's cross talk humor, laugh all the way; The solo dance "The State of Rites" made the guests feel the extensive and profound domestic culture; Thteamproe xinjiannew balanceg salsa dance of the firsinaugural addresst vice-captains brought the audience together. Zen dance "Silent Sky" empty reverberation makes peoplteam什么意思e think deeply, martceremony的名词ial arts Fuxi eight diagrams boxing blood surging, asteam是什么意思翻译 if back to the hot-blooded youth.

Wechat picture _202008130928039.jpg

Pen and ink can not write thnew是什么意思英语e joy of tceremony的音标he changing of the leadership ceremony, photos can not asecurityll record the wonderinaugural翻译ful moments, scenes are xin 'an familhold的过去形式y dedication, every second is the guests lion friends ateams会议ffirmation asecurity guardnd praise, Thanksgiving support, Thanksgiving meet!


Article/Photo xin 'an Serteamworkvice Team contrservice是什么意思中文翻译ibuted

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