Promoting honor and Guiding Direction -- The Honor and Award Committee held the third working meeting

On August 18, 2020, the third working meeting of the 2020-2021 Lions Club Awards Committee was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Mr. Lu Zcommitteeshiqiang, preawardedsident of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Tang Xishun, special Assistant of President, Mr. Lei Tao, chairman of the Comaward怎么读midirection读音ttee of Awards and Honors, Mr. Gao Jian, Mr. Zhang Kun, executive chairman, Mr. Wadirectionng Jinsong, Mr. Zhou Hongwei, Mr. Cheng Xiao贵定wei and other assistants attended the meeting. Thuphelde meeting was chaired by Lei Tao. Participants focused on the committee's annpromotion自适应刷新率技术ual division of laboraward的用法和搭配 and the establishmentheld怎么读的 of standards for awards and honors.  

First of all, President Lu zhiqiang explained the importance of the work of the committee and hoped that evedirection用法及搭配ry member of the committheld中文ee would give full play to their wisdom and strength, so that every lionpromoting friend who "takes responsibility and acts well" would gain a sense of honor and achievdirection翻译ement in participating in public service.

3rd Honor Committee Meeting (pt.) 285.png

Robert Paul leitdirection用法及搭配ao chairman, saidguiding翻译 the honocommitteesrary award committee will combine shenzhen lions annual work plan,award什么意思 theawarded emphaheld过去式和过去分词sis on "out" spirhonor9xit to formulate feasible reward spromotionaltandard, let every sincere service lion friends give full play to the individudirection怎么读al glamour and the cutting edge exemplary role, encoudirectionalrage members to activdirection用法及搭配ely participate in service activitiecommittee和commission区别s, jointly creating the atmosphere of good service, To promote the reaawardedlization of the annual target and the lpromotion的动词ong-term development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

3rd Honour Committee Meeting (pt.) 643.png

Lu Zhiqithird的基数词ang, chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, proheld是hold的什么形式posed that the award committee could establish the award standarhonor9xd around the levethirdl of directors, specialized work organizations, service teams and individual lion fhonorableriends. Shenzhen Lions Club will give a grand commendation to the lion club membawardsers, service teams and specialized work organizations at eaward是什么意思英语aawardsch district meeting according to the standards formulated by the honor and Award Committee to epromotionalncourage the advanced and lead the way.

3rd Honor Committee Meeting (pt.) 967. PNG

The lions club members expressed their opinions and shared their ideas, and determdirections什么意思ined tpromotionshe next work plan anpromoting是什么意思d goals. Together, thethirdlyy hoped thheld的中文意思at the honor and Award Comaward是什么意思英语mittee would s贵定县属于贵州哪个市et a quantifiable standard and setheld是hold的什么形式 an example to promo规定te the healthy and vigorous development of She贵定天气预报nzhen Lions Club.

Finally, Chairman Leitao reaffirmed the tasks and clarifipromotion是什么意思ed the division of work. President Lu Zhiqiang expressed his support and gratitude to the lion friends at the meeting.


By Zhou Hongwei

Figure/Robert Paul leitao

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