The second meeting of the “Shenzhen Lions Club Board of Supervisors System (Draft for Comments)” was held smoothly

Explanation meeting on “Shenzhen Lions Club Supervisory Board System (draft)”
The second meeting was held smoothly

&club用英语怎么说nbsp;           On September 16, 2013, the explanation meeting of “Shenzhen Lions Club Supervisory Board System (Draft for Comments)” was smeeting腾讯会议uccessfully held in shenzhen Lionsmeeting腾讯会议 Club office. More than 30 members of shenzhen Lions Club supervisory Board, board members, committee chairmdraft什么意思en and specially invited senior lions club members attended the meeting.
            The meeting was presided over by Mr. Lin Tao shi, Deputy secretary genshenzheneral of the Secret深圳市最新疫情ariat of the Board of Suclubspervisors. At the meeting, Xie Jianwen, chief supervisor of The Shenzhen Lions Club, briefed the formulationboard process and relevant information olions英语怎么读f the System of The Board of Supervismeeting的音标ors (Draft for Comments). Secretary ge深圳市最新疫情neral of the Board of Supervisors Ye Dongshi sister has received commesupervisor中文意思nts on the reply.
        &nlions读音bsp; &system32nbsp; At the meeting, the participants have mlions的音标ade suggestions and vsupervisor教程aluable suggestions. The members of the board of Supervisors explained the questions raised by the participants. Through this briefing, we notmeeting腾讯会议 only hlion是什么意思中文翻译ave an understanding of the purpose and basis of the establishment of “Shenzhesecond怎么读n Lionsecondhands Supervision System”, but also lsupervisor是什么级别et the members of the board of Supervisors further underslion是什么意思tand your opinioclubsns and sug深圳gestions on the revision of “System”.
        &nlions的音标bsp;   Su Zeran, the last director, sameeting翻译id that the exsupervisoryposition mclubseeting was very good and esupervisor中文意思veryone’s suggestions and suggestions were also very good. Thanks for the hard work of the members of the Board of Supervisors. I hope we can work together and shenzhen Lions club will be better!
      &nbsecondscreen下载sp;     Jiameetingsn-wen xie supervisor summing-up speech, valudraftsmanable advice to the深圳 delegates attending and said thank you, he saidshenzhen two very successful presentation, shenzhen lions supervisory board meeting will be held before and after the National Day holiday in the fourth, the final review asecond什么意思nd through the “shenzhen lions of the board of sup深圳地铁线路图ervisor深圳疫情s system” (trial), through will be released after the trial.

Photo byboard翻译 Zhang Lichen

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