The first meeting of “Shenzhen Lions Board of Supervisors System (Draft for Comments)” was held smoothly

Explanation meeting on “Shenzhen Lions Club Supervisory Board System (draft)”
The first meeting was held smoothly

      &nfirstname填姓还是名bsp;     On September 14, 2013, the explanation meeting of “Shenmeeting翻译zhen Lions Club Boboardwalkard of Supervisors System (Draft fsupervisor是什么职位or Comments)” was successfully held in shenzhen Lions Club office. Ten members, directors and formeboard和broad怎么区分r directors of Shenzhen Lions Club board odraft翻译f Supervisors attendesupervisor翻译d the meeting.
  &nbsplion是什么意思中文翻译;         The meetiboardwalkng was presided over bsystem32y Mr. Lin Tao shi,firsthand Dboard是什么意思eputy secretary general of the Secretariat of the Board of Supervisors. At the meeting, Xie Jianwen, chief supervisor of The Shenzhen Lions Club, briefed the formsupervisorsulatiomeeting是什么中文意思n process and relevant information of the System of The Board of Supervisors (Draft for Comments). Ye Dong, secretary general of the Boardlionsgate of Supervisors, explainedfirst怎么读英语 the formulation and general order of the System of the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Clsupervisor是什么级别ub (Draft for Commentlions怎么读s).
            At the meeting, the former directorssystem是什么程序 made suggestions and valuable suggestions. The me深圳地铁线路图mbers of the board of Supervisors explained the questions raised by the participants.
            Through this briefing, we not only have an underdraftstanding of tmeeting是什么意思he purpose and basis ofdraft在国际贸易中的意思 the establishment of “Shenzhfirst nameen Lions Sucomments怎么读英语pervision System”, but also let the members of the board of Supervisors further undersdraft啤酒tand your opinions and suggestions on the revisystem32sion of “System”.

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