Shenzhen Lions Club successfully passed the evaluation of the pilot unit of public welfare social organizations

Shenzhen Lions Club successfully passed the evaluation of the pilot unit of public welfare social or深圳疫情ganizations

    &nbspclubman是什么牌子车;   &nbpassedtheexam是什么意思sp;  public404html最新网站 At 2:30 p.m. on June 23, nine evaluation experts from shenzhen Ngo Administration conducted an evaluation of shenzhen Lions Club as a public welfare social organization in the office of Shenzhen Lions Club. Domestic lion federation vice President of representative in shenzhen, shenzhen DPF Huang Chpassed是什么意思啊unpublic404html乱bin, domestic lionunited Zhang Guojun federation vice-chapublic404html乱irman, shenzhen lions XiaoXingPingpublic翻译 direpassedctor, the director Zheng Degang elect, the first deputy director Su Zeran elect, the seconevaluationd deputy director wu xm, eleclubct Zhang Xiaowei secretary-general, xiao-min denlions英语怎么说g, director of the shenzhen office of disabled persons’ federation attended the meeting.
  &npublicbsp;         Zhang Guojun, vice prsuccessfully造句esident oflions英语怎么读 Lions Club in Chinaclub翻译, introduced the historicpilot是什么意思英语al background of the establishment of Lions Club in China, and Xiao Xingping, dclub翻译irector of Lions Club in Shenzhen, introduced the development and achievements of Lions Club in shenzhen in recent years. Yi Yukun, director of shenzhen Civil Organization Administration bureau, introduced the expert team members and evaluation methods.

            This evaluatiopilot飞行员怎么读n is dividedpassed away into four major parts, respectively for basic level conditions (full marks 150 minushenzhentes), internal management (full marks 365 minutes),深圳风险等级 work performance (full marks 365 minutes), social evaluatipassedtheexam是什么意思on and influepilot飞行员怎么读nce (深圳天气full marks 120 minutes), the total full marks 1000 minutes. The evaluation results were divided into five grades, frclubmedom the highest to the lowest: 5A with more than 950 points, 4A with 900— &mdas深圳大学h; 950 points, 3A 800— — 900 points, class 2A 700— &md深圳疫情最新消息ash;evaluation怎么读 800 points, 1A level below 700 poinlions翻译ts. Social organizations with aaa or higher registration are eligible to receive transfer of offpassed和past的区别icial functions, purchase of official services, subsidization, awards, and pre-tax deductions for publpublicizeic welclubfasuccessfully造句re donations, alionsgates well as to capassed怎么读rry out evaluation, standards, and commendation activities.
          &nbpilot怎么读sp; According to the evaluation of Shenzhen Civil Organilionszation Administration bureau, Shenzhen Lions Club is regarded as the benchmark opilotingf publicunit welfare organizations in Shenzhpilotingen in terms of grassrootevaluations conditipassed是什么牌子ons, internal governance, work performance, social evaluation and ilion是什么意思中文翻译nfluence, and has been highly appraised by the evaluation expertclubman是什么牌子车 panel of Shenzhen Civil Organizatsuccessfullyion Administration Bureau.

  By Ma Hpublicizinguijuan and Leng Menghusuccessfully是什么意思iunit

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