Public welfare football training camp open camp registration!

  Dear Lion friend,

Zhang Haidi once said, "Charity is not about how much money you dtraining翻译中文onate, but how many people you wake up." For a child, there is no gretraining怎么读ater way to make him or her feel loved than to give him or her happiness, and to awaken hicampbuddy教官线s or her locampve to make others happy!

In fact, lions' educational services are a kind of charity, while football education and football assistance for the disabled are the most special charity to bring the happineopencvss, passion, health and team spirit of football to ccampwithmomhildren and people in need. Shenzhen lion charitfootball翻译y footbaopenseall club thregistration翻译is year will be joint in various service, lion friends and loving people start a new, uniquefootball是什么意思 and sustainable public welfare football services - "happy interpreta dream forced the ball of the available" -- the disabled children andpublication little lion good football training camp project, by holding pure public free professional fooopen是什么意思tball training, Associatedregistration的动词形式 with the municipal disabled persons' federationpublicize style related departments provide training for the shenwelfarezhen families for the disabled children, at the same time, feedback care perennial battle in the dcampbuddy教官线edicatregistration怎么读ion of our public service the front of the friends of the lion children (nicknamed "little lions"), leregistration动词t the disabled poor familcampwithmomitraining造句简单es ccampushildren and little lion interpcamp是什么意思英语reta dream football, harvest happiness, and inspire the chilfootballdrcampbuddy教官线en love to love to help others. At the same timwelfare可数吗e, the first football team for the physically dpublic404html乱isabled will be established in Shenzhen and even in the whole country, and the football tetraining造句简单am for the mentally disapublic404html乱bled and the menfootballertally recovered of the DISABLED federation and the Football team for the Deaf in Shenzhen will be fundedopenresty andregistration的动词形式 assisted.

In the "double reduction" policy of compulsocampfirery education just releascampbuddyed by the state, owelfare怎么记忆ff-campus training of disciplines isregistrationfailed什么意思 clearly restriccampfireted. Shenzhen Education Bureau also issued polfootballericies to copen是什么意思ancel weekend training of all disciplines. At the same time, the Ministry of Education cfootball是橄榄球还是足球learly requires thfootballerat the physicafootball翻译l educopenedation score in the future will be the same as the main subjects such as foreigpublic翻译n language. Under the guidance of the century-old policy of improvpublic404html最新网站ing youth quality education, the disabled children and little Lion cpublicityharity football trafootball翻译中文ining camp project iscampbuddy the best gift to returntraining造句 the happy weekend sunpublic404html乱shine to childrpublic404html乱en!

The grand opening ceremony and thetraining什么意思 first phase of training will be officially kicked off on the afternoon of September 11, 2021 (Saturday). From now on, it wiltrainingpeaksl be held twice a month on weekends in the east and west regions of Shencampwithmomzhen respectively. The coaches are professionals who have obcampertained the national youth training coach qualification certificate. Talented young players will be recommended to professional clubs orfootballs provincial echeloregistrationfailed什么意思n teams and traditional football schools such as Shenzhong, Cuiyuafootballsn, Nanerwai and Yucai for further study. We warcampwithmommlywelfare是什么意思英语 welcome people with disabilities and children of lion's age to register for the training. Seats are limited on a first-comecampbuddy教官线-first-served basis. Children who win the first training will also get mysterious gifts!

Timpublic怎么读e: 3:30-6:00pm, September 11, 2021 (Saturday)

Vefootball是橄榄球还是足球nue: Football pitch 1A, Crown Sports Centre, Tai Yan Road 9, Che Kung Temple

Please refertraining造句 to the posteropenresty andtraining造句 qr code below for specificfootballer registfootballration information:

Picture 1. The PNG

Registration contact: Ms. Liu: 15940484888


Shenzhpublicize翻译en Lions Charity Foregistration是什么意思中文翻译otball Club

Sepublic是什么意思pregistration是什么意思啊teopeningmber 6, 2021

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