Held “we notice | about heart hand is linked together,” 2021, the national children’s world peace poster exhibition work in shenzhen

Dear Lion friend,

In order to sow the seeds of peace in the children heart, with the tenational是什么意思chnique of painting, in the form of po汉鼎余烟sters, guide the children to express the ideal of peace and good wishes, sets up the puheldbackblic thought, cultivate global ideas, this year the domestic liheartbeaton federation and xi ‘an academy of fine arts, jointly organized the “2021, the national children’s world peheartfeltace poheld中文sters” the solicitation, Dheld的中文意思rawing on the organizing experience of Lnational是什么意思ions International’s “Global Children’s Peace Poster Activity”, we collected chi邯郸天气ldren’s peace poster works ntogether怎么读ationwide forheartening evaluation, encouragement, publicity andabout怎么读 promotion. The relevant arrangemennotice同义词ts are hereby notified as follows:


I. Background of the event

China Lions Associatnotice的形容词ion is a new type of social organization. Ittogether is a public welfare and charitable service organization officially registered with thnotice用法e Ministry of Civil Affairabout怎么读s inational祝庆n accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, drawing on the mananational祝庆gement and operation mode of lions Club International, a global volunteer organization. The competent department is the China Disabled Persons’ Federation. The serabout翻译vinotice的固定搭配ce scope covers various fields such as assisting the disabled, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, educheartilyation, respect for thelinkedin国际版 elderly, environmen邯郸限号tal protection, youth education, etc., and it inational空调s a fresh force full of vitality邯郸 in the field of public welfare and charity services in China.

Lions International has held the international Peace Poster Contest since 1988. It has been held for 33 ytogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动ears and will be held for 34 years this year. Every year, an avernational dayage of nearly one millionabout后面动词什么形式 chilnationalitydre邯郸疫情最新情况n aged 11-13 from 75 countries and regions participate in this event. The Domabout怎么读estic Lions Association, the Domestic artists Association children’s Fine Arnational翻译ts Committee, tnational祝庆he Domestic Education Society, the Domestic Academy of Fine Artstogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动 has jointly organized seven consecut邯郸学步的意思ive sessions of “Wonderful hand-painted Peace” world peace poster works soliheartilycitation activities, and has won different annual “global masterpiece Award, global champion”.


Ii. Organizational structure

(I) Supervising unit: Shenzhen Disabled Peabout是介词吗rsons’ Federheartshotation

Organizers: China Lions Astogetherbnb补丁sociatheld过去式和过去分词ion and Xi ‘an Academy of Fine Arts

(III) Organizers: Publi林科大教务处c Relations and Publicity Committee of China Lions Association,

&nb憨豆先生sp;             &nbspabout;     &nbspnational祝庆;       Stogetherhenzhen Lions Clubheartwork

(4) Co-organizers: Service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Charity Association Caoyingwang Art Public Welfanoticeablere Fund.邯郸天气


Three, activity rules

(I) Theme of the activity

We are hand in hand. Connected)


        (2) Participants

1. Ordinary children:

Group A

Children aged between 11 and 13 (born between November 16, 2007 and November 15, 2010) can participate in the nationalheartbreaking and global awards for free.

Group B

Ages 7 to 10 (babout怎么读orn betweenational音标n November 16, 2010 and November 15, 2heartwork014) are free to attend.


2. Children with disabilities

Group A

Children aged between 11 and 13held中文 (born betabout-faceween November 16, 2007 and November 15, 2010) can participate in the national and global awards for free.


(3) Requirements for works

Hand-painted plane works, the formtogetherbnb娜娜两人互动, peheld过去式和过去分词rformance techniques are not limitedtogetherbnb (note: with chaheld是hold的什么形式lk, powder crayon, charcoal work must be fixed spray treatment to avoid daubing), tnational dayhe work shall not be processed by the film layer. Size noabout怎么读语音t less than 33*5邯郸天气0cm, not more than 50*60cm, no need to mount. There must be no words or numbers on the work. It musttogetherbnb not be made btogether什么意思英语y computer. The work sunotice过去式bmitted for review must be original, not a copy. Each student can submit only one work, and each wo邯郸天气rk is de林科大signed and productogether翻译ed byabout是什么意思 only one stnational音标udent, with no more than onational dayne advisor. Copy of student’s ID card or residence booklet and application form should be pasted on the back of the work. Please refer theld过去式和过去分词o the attachment for details.


(IV) Review time

1.&nbsplinkedlist; The judging timetogether翻译 of Shenzhen Exhibition are汉典a is from November 1 to 10, 2021;

2.  National review period: the review period is mid to late November 2021;

3.  Global review period: December 2021 — January 2022;

4.&nabout是介词吗bsp; The solicitation activity wilheldenl be organnational祝庆ized by the sponsor to hire a nationally recognized邯郸天气 group of children’s art experts to establish a jury, which will be responsible for ttogetherhe evaluation of the wnotice过去式orks and the results of the selection. A supervision and examination committee slinkedlisthall be set up for the appraisalheld的意思是什么 work, aheartshotnd the personnel shall be dispatchnational是什么意思ed by each undertaheartbeatking unit. Both the national and internationalitiesnanationalitiestional evaluation stages are conducted under legal supervisionabout怎么读语音 and fair and just conditions.


4. Activity time

(I) Peace Poster Launch Ceremolinkedlistny (September 2021)

(2) Painting crea汉典tion Counseling period for 7-13 years old (September to October 2邯郸疫情最新情况021)

(III) Evaluation Pernational音标iod (November 2021)

(IV) Peace Poster Award List Announcement Period (December 2021 to March 2021)held怎么读的

(V) Exhibition Duration of winning Works (April-June 2022)

(heartbrokenVI) Award Ceremony (June 2022)


V. Explanation of selection quota, bonus settilinkedlnng and awardheartshot treatment in Shenzhen Exhibition Area憨豆先生

(I) General Children grouheld是hold的什么形式p:

1, & have spent Group A (11-13 years oldaboutcg网站)

Grand Prinationalitiesze: 1, 10000 RMB, including 5000 RMB for author and 5000 RMB for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of Honor (note: to be sent to Lions International to participate itogether什么意思英语n the gnational空调lobal General Evaluatioheart是什么意思中文n).邯郸疫情最新情况

First prize: 10 winnersabouttime免费观看, 2,000 RMB, including 1,000 RMB for author and 1,held000 RMB for tutor; MED林科大中南林业科技大学ALS and certificaabouttes of honor (note: together with the grand prize work邯郸疫情s will be sent to the national selection).

Second prize: 20 winners, 400 RMB prize, includinabout-faceg 200 RMB pheartilyrize for author and 200 Rheart什么意思英语MB prize for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Third prhearteningize: 30 winnnational dayers, 200 RMB, including 100 RMB for author and 100 RMB for tutor; MEDALS and certificnotice用法ates of honor.


2. Group B (7-10 years old)

Special prize: 5 winners, bonus of 2000 RMB, including author bonus of 1000 RMB, tutor bonus of 1000 RMB; MEDALS and certogether怎么读tificattogetherbnb怎么绅士es of honor.

First邯郸 pnotice作文rize: 10 winners, 400 RMB, including 200 RupheldMB for author and 200 RMB for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Secnational音标ond prize: 20 wnational是什么意思inners, 200 RMB prize, including 100 RMB priznational空调e for author and 100 RMB prize for tuto邯郸天气r; MEDALnoticeableS and certificates of honor.

Third prize: 30 winners, 100 RMB, includabout是介词吗ing 50 R憨豆先生MB for author and 50 RMB for tutor; MEDALS andtogether什么意思英语 certificates of honor.


(2) Disabled children group

1. Group A (11-13 years old)

Grand Prize: 1, 10000 RMB, including 5000 RMB for author and 5000 RMB憨豆先生 for tutor; MEDALS and certificabout后面动词什么形式ates of Honor (note: to be sent to Lions International to participate in the global General Evaluation).

First prize: 2 winners, 2,000 RMtogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动B, includingheld 1,000 RMB for author and 1,000 RMB for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of honor (note: together with the grand prize works will be sent to the national selection).

Second prize: 5 winners, 400 RMB prize, including 200 RMB prize for author and 200 RMB prize for t邯郸天气utor; MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Third prizheld的意思是什么e: 10 winners, 200 Ynotice是什么意思UAN bonus, including 100 yuan bonulinkedlists for author and 100 yuan bonus for tutor; MEDALS andtogetherbnb补丁 certificates of honor.


(3) Expl邯郸限号anation

1.  The authors, instructors and works that won theartbeathe grand prize and the first prlinkedin官网ize can be published inheartening the collectnotice的固定搭配ion of works of 2021 national Poster for Children’s World Peace (Shenzhen Exhibition Area) anabout怎么读d the promoti憨豆先生onal film. All works will be exhibited in various kinds of exhibitions.

2.  The authors, instructors and works that win the second prize and the third prize can be publisheheartshotd in the collection of excellent Works of 2021 National Children’s World Peace Poster (Shenzhen Exhibition Area), and se邯郸天气lected to participate in various exhibitions.

3.  The organization, school, base aheld是hold的什么形式nd service team that were selected as outstanding alsonotice用法 appeared inabout翻译 the promotional film ofabout-face that year, and the service deeds and award certificates were published in the excellent Works collection of 2021 miao Hand-painted Peace Children World Peace Poster (Shenzhen Exhibition Area).

Vi. Submission method

(1) Individuals should first subminoticet to the organizations, unabout后面动词什么形式its and schools, whichheartening shoulheartilyd be submittedlinkedin官网 to the Shenzhen Lions Club Office, Ad汉典dress: 1308, 13th Flabout翻译oor, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Second Luoshnational是什么意思a Jing Road, Luohu District, By October 30, 2021;

(2) By October 15, 2021, the disabled peace p邯郸疫情最新情况oster paitogetherbnb娜娜两人互动ntings should be mailed to The Office oftogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动 Lions Club of Shenzhheld过去式和过去分词en汉典, Addressheld的中文意思: 1308, 13th Floor, Building D, Huaqingtogether翻译 Yuatogether翻译n, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District.


Vii. Cont林科大教务处act Person:

(I) Peheld中文ace Poster Committee

Leaf & have spent Ning (chairman of the Peace Poster Committee), tel: 1382heart是什么意思中文8842568

Wei Qiaozhu (Executive Chairman of peace Poster Committee), tel: 13902992891

Sheng Baihua (Exectogetherbnb娜娜两人互动utive Chairman of peace Poster Committee), tel: 13590208668

Jiang & have spent Ling (executive Chairtogetherbnb怎么绅士man of peace Poster Committee), tel: 18938069388

Xie Wenke (Executive Chairman of peace Poster Commitnational空调tee), tel: 1heartily3798594105

Zhang Xiulian (Executive Chair of peace Poster Committee), tel: 13823578709

(2) Contact person of works

Contact person: Lai Longsheng, office officer 2568857about是什么意思0, 15889448841

Contact person: Zhang Xiulian 13823578709

Disability Grouptogetherbnb攻略 works contatogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动ct: Wei Qiaozhu 13902992891


Ptogether翻译lease attach great importance to the service teams, highlight the theme, snationalstadiumtrengthen guidance, actively organize the work of the competition, a林科大教务处nd arrange the comheartbeatpetition as soon as possible.



1. Submit the entry form. XLS

2. General table of entries. XLS

3. Applicationnational音标 Form for the 7th National Peace Poster Collection for Disabled Children. XLS

4. Infoheartilyrmation summary form of the 7th National Peace Poste林科大涉外r Works Collection for Disabled Children. XLS



Shenzhen Lheartbeations Club

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